70 military personnel and 900 members of the Red Cross to help NURSING homes this summer

70 militaires et 900 membres de la Croix-Rouge aideront les CHSLD cet été

Photo: Graham Hughes The canadian Press
The canadian army will not bend completely baggage in two weeks, as ten teams of seven people will be available to lend a helping hand in case of emergency.

Despite the departure of the canadian army in the accommodation Centres, and long-term care (CHSLD), François Legault may, however, rely on the help of 1000 “pairs of arms” claimed. The canadian army will not bend completely baggage in two weeks, as ten teams of seven people will be available to lend a helping hand in case of emergency. And the Red Cross is to compensate for the soldiers missing, according to what was taught Duty, offering 900 workers and volunteers to take up the slack in the centres for the elderly.

Colonel Tim Arsenault, who directs the mission of the canadian army in Montreal since the end of April, pointed out to the Duty that his troops will leave NURSING homes on the 26th of June, because the situation has ” improved a lot “. But the canadian military will not leave all of Quebec so far, he revealed. “After the 26th of June, the intention will be to maintain ten teams in military medical training, which would be a rapid reaction force ready to respond in case of an emergency in a CHSLD. “

Each team will consist of one nurse and six medical technicians. National Defence has spoken of a “force” more modest and sustainable in the long term “. The colonel Arsenault, however, has not been able to specify up to what date these emergency response teams will be on-call in Quebec, speaking simply of ” support in the medium term “.

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The Red Cross answers the call

The quebec government claimed for several weeks that the army should continue its mission in the province until mid-September. Justin Trudeau has however ruled last Friday that the military would only be here until the end of June. The federal prime minister has announced that the Red Cross would offer its help in turn, ” with people who are paid, well trained and who will be as efficient as the members of the armed Forces “.

The negotiations between Quebec and Ottawa on this next step can be continued also on Tuesday afternoon, according to our sources in the two capitals.

The Red Cross has already started a recruitment campaign on its Web site that seems to respond directly to the requests of Quebec to get 1000 people in the buff, found The Duty.

The body announces to be looking for 900 people to form 30 teams of 30 people, which may be deployed in NURSING homes from various regions of Québec ” in the next 3 to 6 months “. Volunteers must be willing to work at least four weeks in a single centre. The Red Cross explains want recruit volunteers as well as employees to occupy positions of staff directors, orderlies, site coordinators, aid, service, or advisers in health and safety. The agency must reveal its plan on Wednesday.

However, it is unknown who will finance the training of these new recruits and their wage once employed. Ottawa has offered $ 100 million to the Red Cross mid-may to help the body respond to the pandemic. The money was used to ” recruit and train volunteers and employees.” The Red Cross has not been able to indicate Tuesday if she would need new funds to meet this new mandate.

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