9500 absent employees in the health network

9500 employés absents dans le réseau de la santé

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
The prime minister François Legault made the point about the pandemic of sars coronavirus, in the company of Dr. Horacio Arruda.

The highlights of the day

  • There were 109 deaths due to the COVID-19 in Quebec, bringing the total to 1243.
  • The number of confirmed cases increased to 873 compared to the previous day, for a total of 21 838.
  • The number of hospitalized patients increases from 133, to $ 1411.
  • Among these, 207 individuals are in the intensive care unit (+8)

9500 employés absents dans le réseau de la santé

There is a lack 9500 employees in the health network 800 of which absences have been declared the day before, noted the prime minister François Legault during his daily press conference on Thursday. Four thousand of them have been infected by the COVID-19, but the rest was absent for other reasons. In some cases, the federal moneys intended for people who had lost their jobs would have given an incentive to stop working, according to him.

“We need you “, he said adding that the network had all the personal protective equipment necessary. “I ask you, we need you, he continued. The network can’t work with 9500 people missing. “

The payment of the premiums of 4 % and 8 % of which were receiving some health care workers that was to end on 30 April will be extended until 21 may. In the case of the orderlies, the negotiations for a bonus permanent of their salary ” progressing very well “, according to Mr. Legault.

Other details will follow.

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