A beautiful retreat for Mike Harris

Une belle retraite pour Mike Harris

Une belle retraite pour Mike Harris

The former premier of Ontario sits “part-time” on the group’s board of directors Chartwell.


May 16, 2020 9h58

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A beautiful retreat for Mike Harris

Une belle retraite pour Mike Harris

Une belle retraite pour Mike Harris

Émilie Pelletier

Initiative of journalism-local — Law

TORONTO — After having defended the privatisation of the system of long-term care in Ontario, the former conservative prime minister, Mike Harris is now among the directors of the group Chartwell.

Mike Harris, the one who asked for the closure of the Montfort hospital, is the president of the board of directors of the group homes long-term care to for-profit. He sits under his full name, Michael D. Harris.

The ex-prime minister receives an annual salary of $ 237,000 in the framework of its role of administrator, a position he has held part-time, according to Uniforms and equipment, one of the unions that represent the employees of Chartwell.
During the seven years when Mike Harris was in power, an important development of the facilities long-term care for profit has taken place in Ontario.

While the waiting lists for the nursing homes long-term, laying, in 1998, his government has spent $ 1 billion to create 20,000 new spaces. At the time, 68 % of the contracts for the construction of these beds long-term care have been allocated to the private sector.

“The story not told is that the new homes long-term care is referenced as having the best results COVID-19 are in fact the result of 20 000 beds long-term care and the redevelopment of the 16 000 additional beds announced by former premier Mike Harris and his government in 1998 “, has supported the Law, a spokesperson for the group Chartwell, Sharon Ranalli.

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In all, 33 homes, retirement centres and long-term care Chartwell has declared an outbreak of the COVID-19 so far in Canada, 26 of which are located in Ontario.

Last week, the current prime minister Doug Ford claimed to have had a recent telephone conversation with Mr. Harris, but admitted that he did not know that the ex-prime minister was at the head of this important chain for profit.

He also acknowledged that there is a difference between institutions for the elderly public and private in Ontario for the number of cases of COVID-19. “I think that there is a difference, but what I have said from the very beginning is that the system is broken and we will fix it. “

A higher mortality rate in private ?

In Ontario, a study determined that the rate of deaths due to the COVID-19 in the homes of long-term care for-profit is much higher than that in institutions for elders non-profit organizations and institutions funded by the municipalities.
The affirmation according to which “the property of the residences of long-term care of Ontario is the determining factor of the severity of outbreaks and deaths during the COVID-19” is an example of “misinformation,” said Ms. Ranalli.

“The misinformation, especially in these extremely difficult conditions, does not reflect the exceptional work and dedication of our staff working in conditions of a pandemic to take care of the loved one of someone else “, she stated.

Ms. Ranalli ensures that the quality of care is measured by government bodies and that it is uniform in the different types of homes.

Today in the province, 58 % of the establishments of long-term care are for-profit, compared to 24% for non-profit, and 16 percent municipal.

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