A boost for local products

Are you the type to walk all the aisles of the grocery store looking for products adorning the blue and yellow “Aliments du Québec” label? In August, seasoned consumers, no need to search. The Les aliments du Québec contest in my basket gives rise to an original and creative promotion of Quebec products.
“This is a competition where retailers and suppliers are challenged to compete in terms of originality in a merchandising that will put forward a food from Quebec,” says the director and general president of the Association des Quebec food retailers, Pierre-Alexandre Blouin.

This contest makes it possible to better identify Quebec products and make them known by a larger number of consumers. “We have several brands that will affix the logo” Aliments du Québec “to ensure they are Quebecers. However, when we come with smaller producers, they will often rely on word of mouth and customer trust. We wanted to accentuate the identification of products, “he says.

Another important aspect of the contest is to make Quebec products more accessible. “Large national companies and small local suppliers are often drowned in the sea of ​​promotions in the shops. For the duration of the contest, the chosen product is the center of attention of the store, “says Mr. Blouin. In addition to putting them forward, this initiative is helping to introduce smaller businesses. “If we create a habit at the customer, when we maintain activities around a product for a long time, we risk changing his habits,” says Mr. Blouin.

To show up, it sells!

According to Pierre-Alexandre Blouin, Quebec producers have every interest in identifying their product. “The University of Sherbrooke brand management study has shown that a product identified by” Aliments du Québec “will have a brand strength 2.8 times stronger than a product that is not identified, “he explains. This is what he found in the field: since 2012, the first edition of the contest, there are products that have become much more popular.

“There were several products that went up to 200% sales increase in August,” he says. Steve Lalande of Metro Plus Jean XXIII, one of the winners of the contest in 2012 and 2013, is of the same opinion. “There is a trend: people like local products. This contest serves as a platform to talk about a product and in 2012, it generated a lot of sales increase, because the product we had was usually placed in tablet, and it was given a place of choice during a months, “he says.

Increasingly sensitive consumers

In Quebec, 22,000 products and 1,200 companies are identified as “Aliments du Québec”. “This is a movement that we see as Quebecers and that makes us very proud of our products. There is a great sensitivity for Quebec food and consumers are at the rendezvous, “said Mr. Blouin. Very happy with this contest, he hopes that this will allow the consumer to facilitate their buying gesture.

To enter the contest, retailers and suppliers must meet certain criteria. Their businesses must be Quebec, the product must be referenced with Aliments Québec and they must be original. Whether in the form of tasting, service or activity, there is no winning recipe. It is the most original who wins, and who will receive promotion from Aliments Québec.

“There are portraits that will be made about the winners. We will talk about them as experts in merchandising and marketing in Quebec, “says Mr. Blouin. Participants have until August 2 to register, and Mr. Blouin wants more than 200 registrations this year.

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