A Gatinois has directed the latest music video of Katy Perry

Un Gatinois a réalisé le plus récent vidéoclip de Katy Perry

Un Gatinois a réalisé le plus récent vidéoclip de Katy Perry

The director of the original gatineau, Julien Vallée, co-founder of the montreal studio Vallée Duhamel, is at the origin of an animated film accompanying the music from the most recent preview of Katy Perry, <em>Daisies</em>.


May 28, 2020 13h54

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A Gatinois has directed the latest music video of Katy Perry

Un Gatinois a réalisé le plus récent vidéoclip de Katy Perry

Un Gatinois a réalisé le plus récent vidéoclip de Katy Perry

Yves Bergeras

The Right

The american singer has launched on may 17 last the extract Daisies, that she performed during the finale of the show American Idol. His song was accompanied by a video directed by the new york Liza Voloshin.

But a second video clip appeared on may 26. This one, shot in animation, is the work of the studio Vallée Duhamel, founded in Montreal by the Gatinois Julien Vallée and his partner Eve Duhamel.

And it is all that there is more official, says the director.

The team of Katie Perry approached us at the beginning of the pandemic, because they wanted to produce an animated film for the excerpt; they were saying that they would perhaps not be able to turn the images live”, recounts Julien Vallée, in an interview with The Right.

“Finally, she had the authorization to shoot a few images during the confinement, so she took the opportunity to make a video with Liza Voloshin, who is one of his great friends. They have turned out, in the nature, surrounded by daisies [daisies], respecting the health rules. And they continue to disseminate this video tour of how guerilla warfare, because there’s nothing that sells better than her face was her and her face. But the clip official, at the outset, it is us.”

The bodyguard of Katy Perry has asked the studio to add the lyrics of the song at the bottom of the song, making the lyrics video official: “like that, they have two video, and they make of a stone two-hit!” launches the Gatinois, absolutely not bitter nor jealous.

“Colossal work”

“We had five weeks to do everything, so that this work would have had to take ten or eleven, in normal times. it was pretty huge!” says Julien Vallée.

His film is composed of 32 scenes. “Each 24-hour period, it was necessary to present a complete scene, if we wanted to meet the deadline.” The montreal studio has been hired as the director. In this capacity, he was responsible for “thinking, the creative aspect and establish the visual style”

The duo has had to deal with the time difference, working with an animation studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and two production studios, meanwhile, established in Los Angeles and Amsterdam.

Un Gatinois a réalisé le plus récent vidéoclip de Katy Perry


Their animated film is the fruit of the collaboration of over 40 artists who have worked at a distance, each confined at home, in the four corners of the planet, evidenced by Julien Vallée.

“We imagined a universe that illustrates the perseverance of a woman who manages to overcome the obstacles that stand in his way”, explain the designers of the clip, in a text – in English – accompanying the video they posted Tuesday on Vimeo. The singer is not there.

These obstacles are represented by “a rock that does not cease to invade the house” of the character, and turns in the different spaces of the surreal” depict-they.

Un Gatinois a réalisé le plus récent vidéoclip de Katy Perry

Katy Perry, in the first of two music videos official of Daisies, directed by the new york Liza Voloshin.

Liza Voloshin

This is the “first project entirely in” animation from this studio founded in 2013, who made a name by creating videos for advertising of major international brands, and which is sometimes “pleased” with the signing of the music videos of some artists from quebec, including Standing of Ariane Moffatt and Undone Cœur de pirate.

This collaboration with Katy Perry poses for the studio “an amazing opportunity”, says Julien Vallée. “What was the most astonished, it is because they have embarked quite quickly [in our ideas]. They gave us carte blanche, so we expected to do a lot of back and forth with each step. We had the freedom to tell the story they wanted, and for that, we were surprised and very satisfied.”

“I have the impression that one was speaking the same language. It is, [like Katie Perry], in a pop world very colorful, with images that are very saturated,” he continued.

This video can be viewed on the platform Vimeo.

Anecdotes from behind the scenes exclusive will be posted on the social networks of the studio over the next few days.

Julien Vallée is a product of the integration program in multimedia at Cégep de l’outaouais. He then continued at the UQAM studies in graphic design, then worked on creating visual television shows such as Eat Your City and for Bazzo.TV before founding the studio Vallée Duhamel.

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