A great sun : Alex makes a very moving encounter, Manon in love… What will happen next week ? (SPOILERS)

Un si grand soleil : Alex fait une rencontre bouleversante, Manon amoureuse... Que va-t-il se passer la semaine prochaine ? (SPOILERS)

Next week promises to be somewhat hectic in A great sun ! It is time to reveal to you already a few spoilers on the upcoming episodes

You’ve seen this week in A great sun, the trial of Dylan stretched, finally completed through the testimony of changed Theo. And now that it is free, Dylan may well be closer to strongly Manon in the coming episodes… Just, the next week, the teenager will be completely turned upside down, but will do anything to hide the truth from his mother Alice. And if it is discovered that Manon is getting dangerously close to Dylan ? How to react ? Some tensions are expected in the Bastide ! In parallel, the plot on the death of Andr? Faure will continue, and Jo will unveil a new face to her family who will find it hard to recognize in this story.

As for Alex, who will think, now be quiet, it will be a moving encounter in the coming episodes of so great A sun, who could awaken in him desires the most primary. But the police will not come to face the reality… As for Bilal, he will struggle to hide his homosexuality in the wake of A large sun. All the more that the employee of The Cosmetics will teach a new sad in the days to come. Finally, there will be a new and terrible aggression in Montpellier, and the survey that will be open to this topic touches deeply Manu. But to discover all this and much more in A large sun, we will have to wait until next Monday, 20: 45 cet on France 2.