A great sun : Arthur love, Elizabeth doubt Guilhem… What will happen next week ? (SPOILERS)

Un si grand soleil : Arthur amoureux, Elizabeth doute de Guilhem... Que va-t-il se passer la semaine prochaine ? (SPOILERS)

Like every Friday, it’s time to discover what you can expect in the following episodes of so great A sun, from next Monday on France 2.

You’ve seen this week in ” if the sun is high, Mb was completely lost, and has not been able to bring a complaint against Lorin. But the next week, supported by a lot of people, the mother of Ines, may well succeed to bring down his attacker. Unfortunately, his latest has more than one trick in its bag and the risk of putting in place a vengeance ! In parallel, in high school, there will be movement on the side of Arthur. Still determined to find a girlfriend at the beginning by default, his feelings for Leah will eventually re-surface. And if the girl was ready to launch into a story of love, now that she has definitely forgotten about Theo ? Case to follow !

The next week in A great sun, Elizabeth will doubt Guilhem Capstan and will be fresh on his companion. Was it him who killed Audrey ? Will she find evidence ? It will be in any case for piercing the secrets of the lawyer. On the side of the roommate, things will be even much more complicated to Lucille, who will eventually settle down at Ludo. But it will be also hard to bear and pray for that she quickly finds an alternative accommodation. Finally, the reconciliation between Alain and Marie will continue, but someone may well put a spoke in the wheel and become a real threat ! While waiting to regain A if the sun is high as of Monday at 20h40 on France 2, find out what store for you the upcoming episodes of Plus belle la vie.