A great sun : Eliott ascends to a new plan, Sofia in the face of her ex… What will happen next week ? (SPOILERS)

What will happen the next week in A big sun on France 2 ? You already reveals some info on the sequel of the adventures

You’ve seen this week in ” if the sun is high, Leah found herself facing the truth about the death of her mother. If we will continue to follow its evolution in the coming episodes, it is especially the son of the new girlfriend of her father, who will still have big worries. After the evening that has turned into a fiasco, Elliott is more ready than ever to do everything possible to escape the police. The young man is going to set up a new plan, but not without consequence ! Eliott risk, already, permanently losing his girlfriend, Lucille, but also of getting caught. Will he finish by going to jail ? In any case, it doesn’t feel very good for him…

Un si grand soleil : Eliott monte un nouveau plan, Sofia face à son ex... Que va-t-il se passer la semaine prochaine ? (SPOILERS)

Sofia will be joined by his ex-boyfriend Jo

The next week in A if the sun is high, Sofia will also be facing his ex-boyfriend Jo. And of course we know that the return of a loved one can change a person. (This is not Julien who will say the opposite !) Remains to be seen how she will react… The side of Theo, the teenager will unveil a new facet of his personality that might surprise some people, including her mother, Claire. Victor, his grand-father, will also make some discoveries about his own life, which could lead to big changes. But in the meantime to see all of this as Monday 20: 50 on France 2, you can discover what awaits you in the Most beautiful life next week.