A hit and drunk guilty of killing a teenager

Un chauffard ivre coupable d’avoir tué un adolescent

Un chauffard ivre coupable d’avoir tué un adolescent

Kevin St-Hilaire at the palace of justice of Quebec, in may 2018


17 June 2020 11h23

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A hit and drunk guilty of killing a teenager

Un chauffard ivre coupable d’avoir tué un adolescent

Un chauffard ivre coupable d’avoir tué un adolescent

Isabelle Mathieu

The Sun

The life of Thomas Ratté, 17 years, was abruptly halted in march 2018 because Kevin St-Hilaire drove his vehicle after having drunk alcohol. The hit and drunk pleaded guilty Wednesday morning.

March 23, 2018 – it is Friday -Kevin St-Hilaire, 29 years old, decides to go for a drink at the bar Dooly’s Promenades Beauport after his day of work. It is the installer of wood floors. St-Hilaire is joined by three friends. He leaves the bar to 20: 30, after drinking several drinks, and takes the road home with him, at Charlesbourg.

Almost at the same time, Thomas Ratté gets off the bus with two friends. The trio walk along the avenue du Bourg-Royal, in a residential area. Camelia Lopez and Anthony Tremblay are on the grass, while tom follows them on the floor, advancing on his board “long board”.

Located near a crossing for a snowmobile path, near the rue du Château-Bigot, the road is more dark. The street lights are far away.

This is where the blue van Kevin St-Hilaire will snap up Thomas. The adolescent is screened on ten meters. Extended to the ground, he breathes with difficulty.

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The driver leaves his vehicle, shocked. “I’m freaking, I’m freaking out, I have not seen”, said St-Hilaire.

The police officers of the City of Quebec arrived a few minutes later. A police finds that the driver’s eyes are glassy, bloodshot. Kevin St-Hilaire is on the phone, explaining to his father that he saw the two young people on the sidewalk, but not the one in the street and failed to avoid it.

The police perceive the breath alcohol content of the driver. She asks him to put an end to the conversation. Before hanging up, St-Hilaire asks his father to come join him. He adds that “it is in the shit, he has done a blunder and that he is going to lose his company.”

From the start, the driver works with the police, and said that “it is his fault”. After having failed by blowing into the approved screening device, St-Hilaire was placed under arrest for driving under the influence causing bodily harm. Thomas is at this moment still alive.

At the police station, the bac of the driver will be 0.15, nearly twice the legal limit, two hours after leaving the bar. The man without a previous judicial is released with a promise to appear in court.

A few hours after the collision, Thomas is in a state of death cerebral. His family agrees that it is disconnected the day after the accident. Kevin St-Hilaire will be réarrêté for driving under the influence causing death.

The parents and sisters of Thomas were present at the palace of justice of Quebec, to hear the guilty plea. They had to attend the hearing, in a virtual way, from another room.

In front of a computer problem that prevented them from logging in, Kevin St-Hilaire has asked his wife and her parents to go out to the family of Thomas may enter the hearing room, whose capacity is limited to 10 people due to the pandemic.

A pre-sentence report will be carried out to enlighten the tribunal on the penalty to impose on the hit. Submissions on sentencing will be held in November.

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