A hologram of Amy Winehouse will do a world tour

							Голограмма Эми Уайнхаус совершит мировое турне

Singer Amy Winehouse will make a three-year world tour as a hologram, writes Reuters. The show will last for 75 to 110 minutes, and with the late singer will perform on stage live musicians.

The hologram will project the company BASE Hologram, the voice of the singer will take from live recordings. Tour Amy will start in 2019. All earned funds will be directed to the Fund of the singer to help alcohol and drug addicts.

The singer’s father approved of the holographic tour. Mitch Winehouse believes that he can help the young people. However, the singer’s father is not sure that the BASE Hologram will create a realistic hologram, as Amy at concerts constantly moving and dancing. CEO Brian Becker said that through technology they can simulate motion, Amy, and her image will move across the stage.

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