A if the sun is high : Between Claire and Alice, that Julien could definitely choose ?

In such A big sun, Julien is completely dropped… Who will he well able to choose between Claire and Alice ? It has (already) our little idea

You’ve seen this week in ” if the sun is high, Julian is completely lost between Alice and Claire. Difficult for the contractor to make a final choice between his wife and his love of youth, returned to his life there is little. It weighs so much that it becomes awful to the house, and Alice has even decided to hunt for some time… This love triangle is very present in such A large sun, and is at the heart of all discussions. But with what a woman Julien could it really end in the series of France 2 ? Although it is not as simple, was still a small idea of the answer. However, one thing is for sure, this plot is not ready to finish and will post the thread of our evenings for many episodes !

Un si grand soleil : Entre Claire et Alice, qui Julien pourrait-il définitivement choisir ?

We would prefer to see Julien and Alice stay together !

If Claire is currently in a relationship with Manu, it was well understood that for the moment, it wasn’t super serious. However, you can’t deny their chemistry. But would she be able to abandon it to return into the arms of Julien ? It is less safe… however, he, Julian, could well be ready to have lots of things to regain Clear. At the beginning’ of melty, it is sure that it will, at a given time, move heaven and earth to be with her. Unfortunately, there is a risk of breaking forever his marriage to Alice… But the twins Manon and Arthur won’t let their father get away as easily. And as we have the right to dream, one would like to imagine them plotting with Theo, to make that Julien stays with Alice. It seems to be a good solution, and it would allow you to Clear to start a new life in Montpellier, while building her relationship with Manu. And then, if Julien definitely comes to the separation from Alice, the latter would be much less intrigue in such A grand sun… However, there is no doubt that the producers don’t want to say goodbye to him soon. Remains to be seen whether our predictions will come true ! In the meantime discover all this soon in the series for France 2, you can test your knowledge on the first intrigues of A large sun.