A little bit of warmth to Villa-Happiness [VIDEO]

Un peu de chaleur à Villa-Bonheur [VIDÉO]

Sylvie Fontaine and his brother belted out a few songs to celebrate the 59th anniversary of Louise, a resident of the CHSLD Villa-Happiness.

22 April 2020 15h57

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A little bit of warmth to Villa-Happiness [VIDEO]

Un peu de chaleur à Villa-Bonheur [VIDÉO]

Jean-François Guillet

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It is said that music is the cure to many ills. It is also a means of communication, such as Micheline Fortier has used to embrace melodies and his sister Louise, suffering from terminal cancer, confined to the CHSLD Villa-Happiness Granby. A way to send him a dose of love and a little warmth in stressing his 59th birthday.

Before the start of the health crisis that is gripping the Quebec, not a day passed without that Micheline Fortier makes a visit to Louise. So what is to draw the last spring of his sister with a disability, away from his family, Micheline decided to offer him the ultimate pleasure in song.

“We are lucky that Louise is still of this world today, for her birthday. But, with the COVID, I can’t go see it. It rips me to the core, she confided, tremolos in the voice. I would like so much to be able to squeeze my sister in my arms and enjoy the few moments we have left together. She loves to sing. This is a ray of sunshine. I had to make him, in my way, a little of the happiness she spreads around her.”

Micheline has so orchestrated, with her partner, a small musical performance at the entrance to CHSLD, Wednesday. Sylvie Fontaine, accompanied by his brother, then also sang a “happy birthday” felt well. Louise has also been able to be lulled in the wake of his favorite song, one day at A time, and a few “special requests”.

“I hope to be able to see it in person before she leaves us. This song, in addition to the smile describes so much of what she lives every day. It may seem trivial as a gift, but for me, it has great significance”, said the initiator of the event.


Sylvie Fontaine and her brother in particular started singing one day at A time, the favorite song of Louise, a resident in the CHSLD Villa-Happiness has cancer in terminal phase.

Alain Dion

And despite the cold, and the measures of social distancing, the magic began. In this period, where the coronavirus is rooted in several hosting centers, Micheline wanted to launch a message of hope.

“It is terrible what is happening in several CHSLD de Montréal and in the surroundings. My ultimate goal is to emphasize that there are also beautiful things that are happening elsewhere. Villa-Happiness is a good example. And this is not because it is in containment that you must stop thinking about our loved ones, whether they are at home or in an accommodation centre. We must send them a little love.”

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