A month of April among the hottest ever recorded

Un mois d’avril parmi les plus chauds jamais enregistrés

Photo: Arun Sankar Archives Agence France-Presse

The temperatures in April in the world were nearly equal to those of April 2016, the hottest ever recorded, according to the service of the european Copernicus climate change.

“Global temperatures have generally been equal to those of the previous month of April the warmest on record (April 2016),” said Tuesday Copernicus in a statement, noting that April 2020 had an average temperature less than 2016 ” insignificant 0.01 °C “.

April 2020 has exceeded 0.08 °C on the third of April, the hottest, 2019, and 0.70 °C the average recorded between 1981 and 2010.

Temperature above the average (1981/2010) have been identified on the regions eurasian, including Siberia, Greenland, on the Arctic ocean, in Antarctica, on the coast of Alaska.

They have also vastly exceeded the average in Mexico, in the west of Australia and parts of central Africa and the west.

In Europe, temperatures have significantly exceeded the average on the West of the continent, but remained below it in the North-East, as well as in the centre of Canada, or on parts of south Asia and south-east.

After a decade record, which concluded with a year in 2019, which was the second hottest ever recorded on the planet, the 2020’s were started on the same trend.

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