A national holiday marked by the disunity of Americans [PHOTOS]

Une fête nationale marquée par la désunion des Américains [PHOTOS] 

Une fête nationale marquée par la désunion des Américains [PHOTOS] 

The festivities of July 4, traditionally marked by parades, marching bands, barbecues and big fireworks in a nice atmosphere, have been downgraded across the country.


July 4, 2020 14h53

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A national holiday marked by the disunity of Americans [PHOTOS]

Cyril Julien

Agence France-Presse

WASHIGNTON — The cries of “The lives of black count”, the protesters of racism date back to the avenue running along the White House and drink insults an activist wearing a sign of support to Donald Trump. In Washington, the national holiday in u.s. was marked on Saturday by the confrontation and disunity.

A few hundred metres from the south lawn of the White House where the us president should deliver a speech in the evening, there are two opposing camps, and seem irreconcilable on this day that celebrates independence and unity of the country.

To avoid the clashes, a large police operation has been installed around the presidential compound, which resembles an armed camp.

“We should celebrate our unity, our diversity and our freedom, we should not be enemies ready to go to war,” says theAFP Kristy Pandora Graczowski, the activist transgender pro-Trump target of the invective of demonstrators.

Une fête nationale marquée par la désunion des Américains [PHOTOS] 

AP, David Goldman

They are continuing their way up to the “Black Live Matter “Plaza”, a portion of the street that became the epicenter of protest in the american capital.

Because for more than a month and the death of an African-American killed by a white policeman in Minneapolis, the United States country are the scene of a movement of anger history against racism, for justice and racial equality.

The demonstrations followed and in passing re-ignited the sensitive debate on the legacy of the past slavery of the country.

But the billionaire republican, far from advocating national reconciliation, has accused the protesters “radicals” want to “erase” the american history.

On the other side of the avenue, Jennifer Friend said his sentence by attending to the confrontation. “It is a lack of respect for the president, he is attacked from all sides,” says this tourist, 53 years, coming to Florida for the 4th of July. “All lives matter”, she says, repeating the slogan of anti-racist, “but the protesters choose what they want to protest, it is hypocrisy”.

“An honour”

His friend, Bill Young, is worried about losing a little of its freedom of expression in the face of these protesters. “If you have a contrary opinion, you’re a racist,” laments there.

For him, this is the height of this special day for America. “The purpose of this day is that Great Britain has said “do it” and we said “no”.

Further, on the National Mall was crushed by the sun, where the traditional fireworks display is planned at dusk, supporters and opponents of the president would cross paths, talk, and insult sometimes.

Katima McMillan, 24 years, came to Kentucky with a group of activists. On the lawn, they rolled strips of the three colors of pan-africanism, red for the blood shed, black for the people and the culture of the continent, and green for nature.

“We want to let the world know, and not only in the United States, that we are worth not less than others,” says the young African-american.

Coming with his two sons, Mary Byrne, 54, says he is concerned about the “antagonism” that currently exists. “We do speak, we yell”, she explains, saying that the United States should engage in an examination of conscience “honest” about the extent of racism in the country.

Others refuse that their national day is wasted. Wayne and Lynnis, a couple who came from a Maryland neighbor, are part of the guests handpicked to attend the”Tribute to America” made by president Trump.

“I am very excited,” says Lynnis, 56 years old. “Regardless of who is president, it is an honor to go to the White House,” she said, smiling.

The Records of the case in Florida

At the same time, Florida announced a new record of the event of COVID-19 11 458 on the last 24 hours.

Due to the magnitude of the health crisis, the mayor of the county of Miami-Wade, the most populous in the country, with nearly 2.7 million inhabitants, has declared Friday a curfew from 22 h in local time.

It “is intended to prevent people from venturing out and hanging out with friends in groups, and this has proven to be a factor in the rapid spread of the virus,” explained Carlos Gimenez.

Une fête nationale marquée par la désunion des Américains [PHOTOS] 

Before the outbreak of COVID-19 in Florida, the restaurants, the bars and the beaches have been closed to the public.

AFP Chandan Khanna

In Atlanta and Nashville, the concerts and fireworks have been cancelled.

In the city texas Houston, home of the epidemic in the great State of the South, on the 4th of July is celebrated in a line.

The celebrations of the independence Day when in 1776 the thirteen british colonies proclaimed their separation from the british crown and founded the United States of America, may this year have a bitter taste.

America is lively since the death of the Afro-American George Floyd, by a movement in history against racism, comparable to that of the civil rights of the 60’s.

Around the country, rallies are planned for the justice, racial equality and against the government Trump.

In Washington, a dozen groups have called for protests, including in front of the monument in memory of Abraham Lincoln, from which Martin Luther King delivered his speech “I have a dream”, in 1963.

Une fête nationale marquée par la désunion des Américains [PHOTOS] 

People marched, sat and knelt in silence for nearly nine minutes to protest against police brutality in Chicago.

Photos AP via Chicago Sun-Times (Pat Nabong)Une fête nationale marquée par la désunion des Américains [PHOTOS] 

“Our country was founded on an idea, that we are born all equal. We have never been at the height of this idea,” said Saturday, Joe Biden, candidate for the presidential election in November. The former vice-president Barack Obama has called to unite to overcome the “more than 200 years of systemic racism”.

Donald Trump, who is running for a second term, denounced Friday night in a speech that was very dark “the disorder violent” in the streets, and “years of indoctrination far in education, journalism, and other cultural institutions.”

In the midst of a debate on the statues put to the ground by demonstrators, anti-racist, he was denounced, from the imposing monument of Mount Rushmore, “a campaign to erase our history, defame our heroes, suppress our values and indoctrinate our children.”

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