A new step in the career of Antoine Olivier Pilon

Une nouvelle étape dans la carrière d’Antoine Olivier Pilon

Une nouvelle étape dans la carrière d’Antoine Olivier Pilon

in <em>primary Suspect </em>marks a new stage in the career already prolific Antoine Olivier Pilon.


July 1, 2020

Updated July 3, 2020 to 4h07


A new step in the career of Antoine Olivier Pilon

Une nouvelle étape dans la carrière d’Antoine Olivier Pilon

Une nouvelle étape dans la carrière d’Antoine Olivier Pilon

Eric Moreault

The Sun

Antoine Olivier Pilon readily acknowledges, Suspect number one marks a new step in his career, already a prolific. Not only because he played his first role in English, but mostly because it is gliding for the first time in the skin of an adult! A character-rich drama, a man sentenced to life in prison in Thailand because of a scam police!

When it was proposed to embody Daniel Leger, the actor of 23 years knew nothing of the history of Alain Olivier, the subject of the biographical drama of Daniel Roby (you changed the name in the film for legal reasons). And he has hardly had the time to do his research since he landed on the eve of the hearing. “I was super stressed out.” To the extent that “despite the circumstances, I really wanted to do it,” he says in a telephone interview with the Sun.

A few days before flying to Thailand for the first portion of the shoot, Antoine Olivier Pilon was able to have a beer with him that he would embody in the film. Alain Olivier proved to be generous in anecdotes, but he also answered the questions of the actor, including everything that involved the consumption of heroin.

Antoine Olivier Pilon had seen Ferrovipathes, film-the cult of Danny Boyle, who recounts the trials and tribulations of a band of drug addicts. But then, he has been able to validate some things with Alain Olivier. “To play a junkie, I bothered her a little. I wanted to be fair to those who know it will not reproach me.”

In addition to the scenes of consumption, the interpreter also had to deal with many sequences in a prison in thailand. Including of a battle pretty violent with two inmates. Antoine Olivier Pilon remembers with amusement that one of the two, a fervent buddhist, had difficulty grabbing it by the throat, afraid to hurt him…

This change of scenery was “really rewarding”. He heaps praise on the actors and the technicians. “We quickly realized, all the quebec team, at which point the Thai’s are wonderful on a film set. I have never seen the world as helpful, respectful, and passionate. It has been amazing!”

The likeable young man has not felt additional pressure to the idea of wearing Suspect number one on his shoulders. “I saw him more as a great opportunity. Since I am young, I am lucky to have main roles like that [Mommy, 1 :54, major Junior...]. With time, I’ve found a good method to take this responsibility. It is sure that there is always a certain excitement. But when you work with good people like Daniel Roby, Ronald Plant, the director of photography… It is so much people with who I am, of course, and that have put me in confidence.”

Before the outbreak of the COVID-19, Antoine Olivier Pilon returned to Thailand with friends to explore the country that had left a strong impression.

Then, the pandemic has interrupted the filming of Sam, second feature film by Yan England (1 :54), a suspense psychological-in which he co-starred with Stéphane Rousseau and Mylène Mackay. The nine days remaining in the film will get started in mid-July. Will follow in August, the second block of Maria Chapdelaine directed by Sébastien pilote.

But in the meantime, Antoine Olivier Pilon said really happy to be part of the distribution of the first feature film from quebec to take the poster, the 10th of July, after the reopening of cinemas. “I dare to hope that it will be good to the people who need it.”

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