A nurse infected with the coronavirus forced to swap the hotel for a trailer

Une infirmière infectée au coronavirus forcée de troquer l’hôtel pour une roulotte

Une infirmière infectée au coronavirus forcée de troquer l’hôtel pour une roulotte

The nurse Marie-Ève Bouffard in front of his caravan in Terrebonne, Wednesday


6 may 2020 13: 45

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A nurse infected with the coronavirus forced to swap the hotel for a trailer

Stéphanie Marin

The Canadian Press

MONTREAL – When she contracted the COVID-19, a nurse sent in reinforcement in a ltc facility has had to leave the hotel room that he had been given, so that it does not contaminate her three children at home. Having nowhere to go, Marie-Ève Bouffard made his quarantine, sick, in a trailer in her front yard.

She felt abandoned by those who requested his aid to go and care for seniors.

Marie-Eve is a nurse for the past 10 years. Recently, she was working in a CLSC, from new-born babies and their moms. Part-time, because she had just returned from maternity leave.

But with the pandemic of the COVID-19 and the ministerial decree that allowed the Health network to move the staff in other settings, she received her new assignment: a ltc facility where there was the sars coronavirus, as well as many others.

As she has three young children including a baby of 16 months with breathing problems and who need more than one visit to the hospital during the winter, she said, she took the offer of the prime minister François Legault: a hotel room while she works to avoid contamination of his loved ones.

It is engaged in the task, full-time and with double shifts – sometimes a total of 16 hours per day. In the evening, more than once, nobody came to take over for the night and it remained. “I couldn’t abandon the patients,” she said, coughing.

But when she caught the COVID-19 in turn, we asked him to leave his hotel room. Without plan B. “This is a non-sense,” she said.

“I felt that because I was no longer useful, we put to one side.

“It is thrown away.”

Refusing to live with her in order not to contaminate her family, she has resigned herself to living in a caravan on his land.

His immediate superior and his union have taken steps to help, she told the phone. In vain.

She défoulée its page on Facebook and her story has been read by many people.

Two days later, the CISSS which it was offered him a hotel room in Montreal, she said.

But the woman who lives in Terrebonne was too weak to do it again packing his bags and getting in a hotel in Montreal, she explained. With dizziness, she could not drive. “It was just too late.” It was a week and a half that she saw people dying and that she lacked sleep. She had no energy.

Since she is infected, “there are better days and less good,” she said about her state of health.

She was told afterwards that it is the hotel where it was located, who did not want to host people who are infected. “How have they not thought that this would happen”, asked the woman who has the impression of being just a number.

She is still in her trailer. At least, it is easier for his relatives to bring him some things she need.

She finishes her quarantine in mid-may and if she is cured, she fears that she will be re-allocated in a CHSLD.

“I began to be afraid. I don’t know where I’m going to succeed.”

She has not kissed his children for the past three weeks. For too long, ” she said. Return to the CHSLD it means to be away from them again for weeks.

She is said to have wanted to tell his story so that this does not happen to other health care workers, that adequate plans are made for them to stay if they become ill.

It is believed to have helped the seniors, to be accompanied in death. But “it is hard to see people die. It is a great distress that we see every day.”

The health network must see the long term, insists the nurse. They call us the guardian angels, she says. “But if we don’t give the time to the angels injured to repair themselves, there will be no more.” And at that time, who will take care of the sick? request-t-it.

If the CISSS returns to work in a ltc facility where there is the COVID-19, his decision is already made: it is not.

“I resign.”

She said thinking about her children. “I will not forsake them some other time,” she said choking back sobs.


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