A player’s ball hockey 8 years speaks to Dr. Arruda

Un joueur de hockey balle de 8 ans interpelle Dr Arruda

Un joueur de hockey balle de 8 ans interpelle Dr Arruda

The little Elliot Caux and his father, Jimmy Duval Caux wish a quick recovery of the ball hockey.


May 22, 2020 4: 00

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A player’s ball hockey 8 years speaks to Dr. Arruda

Un joueur de hockey balle de 8 ans interpelle Dr Arruda

Un joueur de hockey balle de 8 ans interpelle Dr Arruda

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He was only 8 years old, but this does not prevent him to launch a cry from the heart to the Dr. Horacio Arruda by means of a status in Facebook, while appealing to the prime minister, François Legault, in his video. The young people of Sherbrooke wants an early resumption of his favorite sport, the hockey ball.

“Hello, Mr. Arruda, hello, mr. prime minister. I’m Elliot and I play dek hockey for four years. Yesterday, you said that team sports could not start again. Me, my sport is dek hockey. It plays on a surface. It’s 3 against 3. Is it that there would be a way to be able to do it again? ” asked Elliot Caux in the aftermath of the announcement regarding the individual sports.

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When contacted by The Tribune, the father of the little Elliot, admitted that if it was not of embarrassment, her boy would have been long to say. And he was right.

“Without the dek hockey, it is difficult to live! Even the parks are not open. You can play in the yard or in the street, but this is not the same. I miss to see my friends. The dek hockey is my favorite sport. I play even in the winter. “

Elliot admits that he is even willing to play with a mask or visor.

“We see companies like Bauer will launch in the manufacture of visors, it might be a solution until the pandemic is over,” says his father Jimmy Duval Caux, also coach hockey ball in the Complex ProGym Sherbrooke.

“Children need movement to stay healthy. ”

Jimmy Duval-Caux

If Elliot has the habit to play inside, he may have to settle of the exterior surfaces to start when he can again practice his passion. He wishes, moreover, that the hockey ball 3 on 3 to be part of the next few sports allowed by the government.

“We can take measures to further reduce risks, advance the father of Elliot. Children need movement to stay healthy and enjoy their sport to be more happy, so we hope that by making some concessions, ball hockey will soon be allowed. We could shrink the teams with less players, prohibit the presence of parents in the stands or begin with practices only. I also know that a child can have the COVID-19 and not show symptoms, but at a minimum, if the parents or their children do not feel well, they should stay at home, ” says Jimmy Duval Caux.

This last wishes finally that the message sent by his son to go to destination.

“We hope to be heard, and that the government adds the hockey ball in the phase 2 of the sports allowed in Quebec! “

An action plan provided by the NBHPA

The north-american Association of players of hockey ball offers a few alternatives in the meantime that this sport is allowed. First, the NBHPA hope that the sports clinics on an individual or team without contact and without any match are permitted. It is also hoped that the complex could rent space for practices team without contact.

And conveniently, she also hopes to be a normal season or type of breath to reduce the number of players.

Not to mention the presence of stations sanitary outside, since the buildings will likely not be accessible.

“We’re in solution mode, and according to the guidelines of the public Health, we hope to be up and running quickly. “

Un joueur de hockey balle de 8 ans interpelle Dr Arruda

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