A stimulus-green economy claimed by the nursing staff

Une relance économique verte réclamée par le personnel soignant

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For the signatories of the petition, the global economic recovery to come is an opportunity to prioritize the health of the planet, which will provide those of its inhabitants.

More than 40 million health professionals are asking the G20 leaders to put public health and the environment at the heart of their economic recovery efforts post-COVID-19, in order to avoid further crises of this magnitude.

Because the COVID-19 has shown to be a fact powerful, they say : the economy suffers when human health is compromised.

They believe that the leaders of the most developed economies of the world must seize the opportunity in order to preserve the health of the planet, which will provide those of its inhabitants.

“A recovery in healthy recognizes that human health, the economy, and the planet are inextricably linked,” said Jeni Miller, the executive director of the Global Climate and Health Alliance, which is leading this initiative, in collaboration with the world health Organization (WHO).

These 40 million doctors, nurses and other health professionals from 90 countries — and some of which are on the front line of the fight against the coronavirus — have as well sent a letter on Monday that details their hopes.

The country, the canadian Association of physicians for the environment (CAPE), the quebec Association of physicians for the environment (AQME) and the canadian medical Association (CMA) are part of the signatories.

“Death, disease and psychological suffering has reached levels that we had not seen for tens of years,” they write in their letter.

A part of this pain could have been avoided if there had been adequate investment in public health and preparedness for a possible pandemic.

The signatories of the letter express the wish that G20 leaders prioritize such investments, as well as others for the health of the environment in the stimulus that they are in the process of concocting.

The G20 countries have this power, but it will all depend on where they will direct the billions of dollars they are about to inject into the economy.

According to Fiona Armstrong, founder and executive director of the Climate and Health Alliance of Australia, ” national governments must ensure that their economic stimulus designed to get us out of the health crisis of the COVID-19 lead us not directly in another (crisis) “.

For them, it means investing in renewable energy, public transport and the conservation of nature, in order to reduce the air pollution and the emissions that warm the climate, threatening human health, argue they.

The medical and scientific communities should be involved in the development of recovery measures.

In the same way that governments have listened to the scientists and health professionals to address the COVID-19, they must do the same for the climate crisis, ” they wrote.

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