A strategy for the second wave, ask the opposition parties

Une stratégie en vue de la seconde vague, demandent les partis d’opposition

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François Legault pledged on Tuesday to redouble their efforts to hire “short-term” not less than 10 000 orderlies.

The team of François Legault will have the opposition political parties on the back during the arrival of the second wave of COVID-19.

The Quebec liberal Party, Québec solidaire and the Parti québécois will not remain silent in the face of the new transfers of professionals of a health care facility to another, before a new shortage of medicine, equipment or medical protection, or even in the face of failures in the screening programme as there has been in the first weeks after the arrival of the COVID-19 in Quebec, have in turn informed Dominique Anglade, Manon Massé, and Pascal Bérubé on Tuesday.

“[These are] things that must stop if we really want to improve things and if we want to predict the future of things [in view of]a possible second wave “, noted the head of the official opposition, Dominique Anglade, in his return to the national Assembly.

“These are the elements on which the government should work today “, she added.

There is no reason not to be ready for the second wave

— Pascal Bérubé


QS “will not have the same indulgence with regard to government caquiste when the second wave of COVID-19 déferlera on Quebec, warned the head of the parliamentary of the second opposition group in Parliament, Manon Massé, while pressing Mr. Legault to reveal his “detailed plan” to repel a new offensive of the coronavirus.

The government house leader of the PQ, Pascal Bérubé, is also of the opinion that” there is no reason not to be ready for the second wave. By then, the third opposition group will ask the team of François Legault, ” not on the management of CHSLD the past 30 years, [but] on the management of the last 30 hours.”

The decisions taken by the government in the wake of the announcement of a state of emergency, on the 14th of march last, have “a major impact and contribute, in many ways, it was one of the worst outcomes in the world right now,” argued the elected Matane.

The team of the leader of the government agrees that it will not plead surprise in the event of a second attack of the coronavirus. “It is necessary that one prepares. There, you have no excuse, ” said a member of the bodyguard of Mr. Legault to the Duty.

The dashboard on the evolution of the coronavirus in Quebec, in Canada and in the world

Among the “worst” ?

The PLQ, QS and the PQ expressed concern Tuesday to see the Quebec — where 4139 people have died of the COVID-19 have been identified as of Tuesday — to be part of the “worst” affected States since the beginning of the pandemic.

The prime minister François Legault has called on the other political formations to compare the count of the death of Quebec to those of cities of the american northeast. “[To] Detroit or Chicago, they are roughly in the same place as us per million inhabitants. If you look at a city like Boston, there are two times more deaths, proportionately, than here. In New York, there are more than three times “, he illustrated.

To give a breath of oxygen to the network, Mr. Legault pledged on Tuesday to redouble their efforts to hire “short-term” not less than 10 000 orderlies.

The head liberal was invited to legislate rather in order to establish ratios of patients-nursing in some of the institutions covered by the Act respecting health services and social services. Why the LIBERALS didn’t he did when he was in power from 2003 to 2018, except from September 2012 to April 2018 ? he urged a journalist.

“There are plenty of issues that governments do not regulate “, dropped Ms. Anglade, inviting him politely to postpone it to turn to the future.

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