A technical glitch is not allowed to sell 6 billion in assets of failed banks

 Технический сбой не позволил продать 6 миллиардов активов банков-банкротов

The Deposit guarantee Fund of natural persons could not conduct the auction of the pool of assets amounting to more than 5.8 billion hryvnia, which are pledged to the NBU. The failure has occurred for technical reasons, according to the website of the Fund.

Selling on the Dutch model DGF and NBU prepared for almost a year, the pool includes the assets of “Delta Bank”, “EUROGASBANK” and “Aktiv-Bank”. The auction was to be held through the specialized site of OOO “Post financial network in Ukraine”, (a subsidiary of First Financial Network (FFN)). This international consultant is one of the leaders in the global market for the sale of troubled assets. As a result, the property will be exposed on repeated auction.

Earlier, the DGF has called, how many funds managed to recover from the owners and customers of failed banks.