A training camp is a little different for the Canadian

Un camp d’entraînement un peu différent pour le Canadien

Photo: Ryan Remiorz, The canadian Press
The Montreal canadiens launched its camp on Monday with 33 players to his training, including the defender Alexander Romanov and forward Max Domi, who are not always in the entourage of the team.

A training camp usually allows the coach to evaluate his staff and young players to fight for positions within the formation. If the approach of Claude Julien at the camp stimulus is a little different, the players support do not see a big difference between the two contexts.

The Montreal canadiens launched its camp on Monday with 33 players to his training, including the defender Alexander Romanov and forward Max Domi, who are not always in the entourage of the team. Each club will have the right to bring 31 players in his city-to-pole for the tournament of stimulus, which means that few players are fighting really for a position with the big club.

“The players were all already here before the break and know our system, recalled Julian, Tuesday, when he was invited to comment on the differences between a camp and normal it. So, we want mainly to improve on certain aspects of our game to have better chances of success. This week, we’ll focus on our game. Next week, we will work in the goal of being ready to face the Pittsburgh Penguins. “

In addition to the fact that you have to put a mask on when he is walking in the facilities of the Canadian in Brossard, Julien noted that the impact of the measures related to the COVID-19 was especially in the daily schedule.

Upon the arrival of the players, he leads the video sessions. The players would then go to the gym to warm up and do stretches, before you change and go to the rink for training. They then return quickly to the house.

“Usually, there are players who arrive early for lunch and a chat, has recalled Julien. The camaraderie, the time spent together, there was a little less. “

Julien also recalled that there had been no physical tests to the arrival of the players, as is normally the case before camp in September.

Players in form

In addition, most of the players have kept in shape during the approximately four months of confinement.

“Everyone is ready, insisted the attacker Tomas Tatar. We can focus on a single team and how to beat it. At camp normal, you try to work on your stamina in anticipation of a long season. “

The teams will play a single tough game before the start of the tournament to raise, which will also limit the opportunities for young people to assert.

“If it were not for this difference, I think the camp is usually similar, said the centre Jake Evans. The intensity increases from one workout to another. “

“When you can play matches pre-planning, you have the opportunity to demonstrate what role you can play, he added. This is not like during training sessions. “

Weber at the end of the session

Defenceman Shea Weber has jumped on the ice at the Bell sports Complex while the training in Canada was coming to an end on Tuesday.

Weber has presented during the past few years, and then thrown into solitary.

The team has not provided explanations for the late arrival of Weber. The NHL takes care of the announcements related to the injury or disease during the phases 3 and 4 of the raise.

Julien, however, said that he expected that Weber will train with the regular group on Wednesday.

The defenders Brett Kulak and Xavier Ouellet were absent for a second day in a row. Kulak has still not been seen on the ice since the return of the players in the Montreal area. Ouellet has resulted in three times last week, but seems to be missing since Friday.

For his part, defender Josh Brook has trained with his teammates for the first time since the beginning of the camp stimulus.

Three matches with 20 h for the Canadian

New York — The Montreal canadiens will play its first three games of the qualification round three of five to 20 h, according to a first version of the schedule unveiled by the national hockey League on Tuesday. The first three parts of the Canadian in the face of the Pittsburgh Penguins, will take place 1, 3 and 5 August at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto. The Penguins will be the home team in the first two parts. If two more meetings are necessary, they will take place on 7 and 8 August, at hours that will be announced in the future. In the event of a game five, the Penguins would once again be the club host. In addition, each of the 24 courses taking part in this stimulus will play a tough game. In the case of Canada, it will take place on the 28th of July against the Toronto Maple Leafs, 20-h. The Canadian will be the home club. On the same day, at 16 p.m., the Penguins will camp the role of visitors against the Philadelphia Flyers.

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