A u.s. court ordered the temporary closure of an oil pipeline controversial

Un tribunal américain ordonne la fermeture temporaire d’un oléoduc controversé

Photo: Jason Connolly Archives Agence France-Presse
The decision of Donald Trump to revive the Dakota Access in January 2017 had been greatly opposed by many indigenous nations throughout the United States.

A u.s. court has ordered on Monday the temporary closure of the Dakota Access Pipeline, a pipeline whose route is being challenged for years by the indigenous nations and associations for the protection of the environment.

The pipeline of about 1900 km, which connects the basin of the Bakken formation in North Dakota to a distribution center in Illinois, will be completed by August 5.

In a decision of 24 pages, the judge of Washington James E. Boasberg ruled that the pipeline was far from complying with environmental standards, particularly concerning the risks of an oil leak.

Mr. Boasberg has therefore suspended a licence, granted by the Body of public works of the u.s. army at the company Energy Transfers, to build a portion of the pipeline under the dam lake Oahe in South Dakota and North Dakota.

“Fearing serious environmental consequences, the aboriginal nations of the nearby reserves, have been seeking for several years to cancel the federal permits authorizing the Dakota Access Pipeline to carry oil under the lake,” writes the judge.

“Today, they have finally reached their goal, at least for the moment,” he continued.

This judgment is a setback to the size of the american president Donald Trump, who had revived the Dakota Access in January 2017, shortly after taking up his post, alongside another controversial pipeline, the Keystone XL.

These two projects had been frozen by the Obama administration.

The decision of Mr. Trump had been challenged by the tribes of the sioux of Standing Rock and Cheyenne River, which had referred the matter to the justice, alerting them in particular on the threat of contamination of drinking water and the degradation of their sacred sites.

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