A vehicle crosses the window of a building in Quebec; several injured

A collision between two vehicles caused Wednesday noon a fire and significant damage to the building The Kaméléon, located at the corner of Boulevard Charest and Langelier Boulevard, in the Saint-Sauveur district. At least seven people were injured, including both drivers.
O n not yet known the exact circumstances of the accident. But after the initial collision, the two vehicles would have forked towards the premises of La Station de Fonds d’emprunt Québec. The showcase of the company was pulverized, a car ending up even in the dining room of the workers.

Several people are reported to have sustained injuries due to glass chips. However, the state of health of the two drivers, who were taken to the hospital, is unknown.

The Fire Chief announced that the fire was under control after the usual checks. His record includes 15 paramedic and ambulance assessments.

The police erected a large security perimeter. The traffic is even diverted from the rue de l’Aqueduct and the rue de la Couronne, a few hundred meters from the scene of the accident. The sector is to be avoided, according to the Police Service of the City of Quebec (SPVQ).

Photos provided by a witness and taken from inside the building show considerable damage.

More details to come …

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