Aboriginal Reconciliation: Trudeau Calls on Canadians to Be Patient

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is calling on non-Aboriginal Canadians to be patient and unconditional in their support of Aboriginal communities on the road to reconciliation and to allow them to make mistakes.
At a fundraising event in Victoria on Thursday night, Trudeau said Canadians should give their full support to Aboriginal communities, “in the same way that a parent has to offer his unconditional love – even though there is no parent-child dynamic in the current situation. “

And this reconciliation must allow indigenous communities “to make their own mistakes,” he added.

The solution must come from aboriginal communities, not non-aboriginal Canadians, he argued.

Mr. Trudeau made the remarks at a Victoria hotel during an “informal discussion” moderated by Nikki Macdonald, a former advisor to former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chr├ętien.

The Prime Minister spent part of the day in Montreal, where a summit of the European Union was being held, before heading to the West in the afternoon.

A consensus in Canada

He told participants that the most powerful thing about reconciliation was to see a consensus among non-Aboriginal Canadians that it is time to commit to true respect and partnership.

Canadians have spent decades on the world stage on issues such as poverty and human rights, while ignoring the problems of Aboriginal communities, he said.

But the “ripping” intergenerational trauma in some communities goes back centuries and will take more than a few years to fix, he said. Although some Aboriginal communities are booming, there are still problems in some places, he added.

“There is tremendous impatience to solve this problem quickly. I feel it too, but we have to correct that, “he said.

“There is still a lot of work to be done, but what keeps me convinced that we are going to get there is the consistent goodwill and willingness to do so that I hear from Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians.”

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