About Trump: the silence of Trudeau resonates on the planet, is disliked in Ottawa [VIDEO]

Propos de Trump: le silence de Trudeau résonne sur la planète, déplait à Ottawa [VIDÉO]

Propos de Trump: le silence de Trudeau résonne sur la planète, déplait à Ottawa [VIDÉO]

In response to a question from a journalist Tuesday, Justin Trudeau seemed to think long and hard before talking about about about Donald Trump, who had threatened to deploy the army to stop the violence in the United States.


June 3, 2020 15.25

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About Trump: the silence of Trudeau resonates on the planet, is disliked in Ottawa [VIDEO]

Lina Dib

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA – The eloquent silence of Justin Trudeau Tuesday, has been noticed across the planet. In Ottawa, some doubt of the spontaneity of the gesture, while the political opponents of the prime minister’s critics.

The long break offered to the cameras after a question about Donald Trump and the manifestations of racism in the United States has been reported everywhere from Paris Match Belgium to The East-on The Day – a lebanese newspaper – passing through The Obs, The Guardian and THE Times. CNN, also, network particularly critical of the administration Trump, has offered on his site, silence and image.

In Ottawa, the chief bloquiste believes that the prime minister got the result he was looking for. All the same, Yves-François Blanchet sees it as a missed opportunity.

Mr. Blanchet is convinced that the gesture was calculated, that during the 21 seconds of silence, Mr. Trudeau was only just count to 20 before “from the cassette”.

“I have the impression that it is the object of a meticulous calculation because when it was put on play, the tape is” party, has mocked Mr. Blanchet during a press conference Wednesday morning in Ottawa.

“The silence, in this case, speaking more than words (…), it was suggested that he was very reluctant to say what he thought to be true. It is a process of communication, in my humble opinion, a former professor of the theatre”, he continued.

“But (…) to be calculated or not, it does not project an image of leadership, nor to the prime minister, nor for Canada,” he judged.

Prior to Mr. Blanchet in front of the same microphone, Jagmeet Singh has denounced any silence before racism.

“His silence shows of the hypocrisy because of how the prime minister can say to people, “you must stand in (front of) hatred” and at the same time, it remains silent when the hatred and racism exist with the dangerous speech of the president Trump?” started the leader of the New democratic Party (NDP).

Freeland defense

The deputy prime minister asked by chrystia Freeland is coming to the defence of Mr. Trudeau a few hours later.

“The response yesterday from the prime minister was eloquent, and excellent,” she said during the daily press conference of the ministers of the Trudeau government.

Invited to specify if the silence of 21 seconds was deliberately part of this response, she offered this : “The response from the prime minister was the response from the prime minister.”

The canadian government will not go any further, preferring to focus on the racism to fight on canadian soil.

The former mp and federal liberal Celina Caesar-Chavannes, who, during his time in Ottawa, denounced loudly and racism and micro-aggressions, has used Twitter to accuse his former leader, his too-long pause.

Its chirp, repeated a few hundred times, chose irony : “If you do not know yet how long you should wash your hands during the pandemic, take a look at this,” she wrote in sharing the video and the silence of 21 seconds.

The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis has inspired a handful of manifestations of racism in Canada. South of the border, dozens of cities are shaken by this case and imposed curfews, while the president Trump threatens to send the army or the national guard to quell the movement.

News Justin Trudeau on June 2,

CPACPropos de Trump: le silence de Trudeau résonne sur la planète, déplait à Ottawa [VIDÉO]

The leader of the Bloc québécois Yves-François Blanchet to the House of commons in Ottawa, Wednesday

The canadian Press, Adrian Wyld

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