Actor Hugh Jackman has played a prominent politician

Актер Хью Джекман сыграл известного политика

Actor Hugh Jackman is starring in the new biopic. It is known that the plot is dedicated to the history of American democratic Senator Gary HART, whose presidential campaign was derailed because of revelations of love Affairs policy.

According to “Multikino”, the Director of the film was made by Jason Reitman.

The script is based on the book by Matt Bai, the center of which is a fascinating and controversial history Gary HART (Jackman), the charismatic Senator from Colorado, who had all chances to become the nominee of the Democratic party in the presidential election of 1988. Everything went according to plan until, as the press has unearthed details of the personal lives of HART, attributing his affair with model Donna rice (Sara Paxton).

It is noted that a spouse policy, Lee HART, played by Vera Farmiga, and their children, kaitlyn Dever and Evan Costello.