Actress Amber Heard admits having struck Johnny Depp

L’actrice Amber Heard reconnait avoir frappé Johnny Depp

L’actrice Amber Heard reconnait avoir frappé Johnny Depp

Amber Heard at the outlet of the High court in London, where she spent her second day on the witness stand.


21 July 2020 12h23

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Actress Amber Heard admits having struck Johnny Depp

Agence France-Presse

LONDON — The american actress Amber Heard has recognized Tuesday, having hit a time her ex-husband Johnny Depp to defend her sister, but has denied to have maintained a connection with the entrepreneur billionaire Elon Musk, during the defamation lawsuit that her ex-husband Johnny Depp has brought against the tabloid british The Sun.

The actress, 34 years of age is summoned as a witness by the defence of the Sun, as Johnny Depp continues to be qualified in April 2018 abusive husband. The publisher of the journal, NGN, relies for its defence 14 incidents in which the hero of Pirates of the Caribbean proved to be violent towards his wife, that belies the actor 57 years old.

He has criticized his ex-wife violence and to have had multiple liaisons during the two years of their marriage stormy, with actor James Franco, but also with the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk, what she has always fiercely denied.

Under the questions of the lawyer of her former husband, Eleanor Lawes, Ms. Heard has acknowledged on Tuesday to have struck the actor, 57-year-old during an incident in 2015, in order to prevent him from pushing his sister, Whitney Henriquez, in the stairs.

“I hit Johnny on this day to defend my sister,” confessed the actress at the High Court in London for his second day on the witness stand.

“He was going to push her down the stairs and, at the time it happened, I remembered having heard that he had pushed a former girlfriend — Kate Moss, I believe, in the stairs,” she added.

Claiming to take this “rumor” to “two people”, she explained that she had “acted in a flash to defend it”, stating never to have previously replicated to the “years” of abuse from her ex-husband. “I have never worn blow and I will never forget this incident… It was the first time after all these years” as I struck it, she said.

Accused of infidelity

Ms. Laws, was charged on Tuesday Amber Heard have regularly received in march 2015 night tours of the whimsical boss of Tesla.

“I was not even in contact with Elon before 2016,” she defended.

Mrs. Laws was read to the Court a text message sent by Elon Musk in 2016, the day after the alleged assault, during which Johnny Depp has, in the words of Amber Heard, hit the actress in the face with his mobile phone.

In this message, Mr. Musk proposed the Us to pay for a service of protection against her husband. “My offer stands even if you never want to see me again… in Short, sorry to be a fool,” he wrote in the text message.

“This radio silence is very bad,” he continues. I care only because I really like you.”

Counsel for Mr. Depp has also accused Ms. Heard to have had an affair with american actor James Franco, providing support for videos shot in 2016 by security cameras, showing them together, shortly after an argument with his client.

According to the actress, it is “simply untrue” that she had an affair with Mr. Franco. “We were talking about. He said, “Oh my god, but what has happened to you ?”” assured Amber Heard.

It was accused on Monday of his ex-spouse having made him suffer for two years of verbal and physical assaults, threats and intimidation, ensuring have been afraid several times that he does not kill.

According to her, it was to bear the responsibility of his acts, often under the influence of drugs, to what he called “the monster, “rather than to itself”.

Johnny Depp strongly rejects these accusations, claiming to have never laid a hand on no woman and accusing them in return of violence with his ex-wife, portrayed it as a calculator, narcissistic and sociopath, anxious to destroy his life.

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