Additional capacity analysis to combat the COVID-19

Capacité additionnelle d’analyse pour lutter contre la COVID-19

Simon Lévesque, Nathalie Brown and Marie-Eve Papirakis, the laboratory of microbiology, Hôpital Fleurimont and Hôtel-Dieu of Sherbrooke, are pleased to be able to count on the nouevl state of the art equipment called the COBAS 6800, which CIUSSS of the eastern Townships – I’m just doing the acquisition.

27 April 2020 11h16


Additional capacity analysis to combat the COVID-19

Capacité additionnelle d’analyse pour lutter contre la COVID-19

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The CIUSSS of the eastern Townships – CHUS was recently acquired for a sum of $ 600,000 a COBAS 6800, second unit high-speed of the type permitted and installed in Quebec, which allows in particular to detect the COVID-19.

Since 19 April, the COBAS 6800 allows to improve the accessibility, quality, expertise and efficiency of the services offered by the medicine to the population.

The project was carried out quickly, or 34 days after the laboratory of microbiology at the Hospital Fleurimont was designated testing laboratory of the COVID-19, and ten days after the date of receipt of the equipment by the institution.

“The new chain of automated molecular biology allows an optimization of the work. In addition, the frequency of analyses on the COBAS 6800 is higher, which improves the performance. It will also be possible, on a same specimen, research into concurrent influenza virus and the virus of the COVID-19. All of these benefits contribute to the gain of time to provide faster results to users, ” says Dr. Philip Martin, chief of the medical Service of microbiology, Department of laboratory medicine.

The role of this new acquisition will be the determining factor in the fight against the COVID-19. “When the microbiology laboratory has been designated as a screening center of the COVID-19, the teams have worked very hard to get out the results of the analyses in a timely manner, and to protect the population and limit the spread of the virus in the community. The acquisition of the COBAS 6800 will support teams in the pursuit of the management of the pandemic to the COVID-19 in addition to ensuring the role of supra-regional institution for the analysis of HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, ” says Dr. Jean Dubé, co-director, medical and head of the Department of laboratory medicine.

Approximately 100 different assays can be performed in the laboratories of microbiology of the CIUSSS of the m onth – CHUS. About 1430 tests, all analyses combined, are made every day in the laboratories of microbiology. The average time to analyze a sample COVID-19 and get the result using the COBAS 6800 is 3.5 hours.

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