Adixia (Marseille, Asia) shocks the viewers as a result of an investment product, find out why in photo

Adixia was shocked a few users on Instagram and we invite you to discover why right here.

While Thibault Garcia and Jessica Thivenin have been lynched by the users who found that the young couple expose a little too much of their wealth on Instagram, it is the turn of Adixia Marseille Asia to shock the internet… The reason ? A product placement for a brand of pins ! Then, of course, these are not the pins that have shocked the viewers… This is mostly because the pretty blonde has put on her bag the Gucci brand that it has caused a wave of comments on Instagram ! And besides, we propose you to discover a few one just below.

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A publication shared by ?DI?I? (@adixia) on 10 Jan. 2019 at 12 :01 PST

“She tore a Gucci (…) Gucci bag OMG”, a-t-we could read among the comments of the internet users. It must be said that a bag of the Italian brand can be very expensive, and stick a badge on it, therefore, has shocked some users of Instagram ! Adixia will she react to these words of criticism ? It is a matter to follow… And until we know more, know that in our recap tv of the week, we told you about Carla Moreau Marseille in Asia who would be pregnant with Kevin Guedj and Melanie Da Cruz, which is finally expressed on the social networks after the bad buzz with Anthony Martial.