Adoptive father and abuser

Père adoptif et agresseur

Père adoptif et agresseur


May 12, 2020 17h21


Adoptive father and abuser

Père adoptif et agresseur

Père adoptif et agresseur

Isabelle Mathieu

The Sun

In the process of adoption, a man of Lévis has sexually assaulted the daughter of his wife on multiple occasions, during two years. He was sentenced Tuesday to 40 months in prison.

The individual 34 years of age, that we cannot name to protect the identity of the child, now 11 years old, has pleaded guilty to repeated sexual assaults.

The accused has known his wife in 2013. The little girl was then five years old.

Two years later, the man denounces the fact that he touched the child’s genitalia during an episode of sexsomnie, a form of sleepwalking, which is not unanimity in the scientific community.

The wife believes the accident and the child may not verbalize much. The accusation will be withdrawn.

The man went on to undertake the following steps to adopt legally the daughter of his wife.

The evidence reveals that while the authorities were studying, his father wishing to adopt, the man multiplied the gestures of aggression on the girl, then aged eight and nine years.

Gestures, mainly masturbation, repeated at a rate of approximately two per month and occurred when the man was babysitting the child. The two settled down in the master bedroom and taking their clothes off for watching movies.

The man was able to adopt the little girl in 2018. About a year later, the child complained about the actions of her mother. The judicial process is then switched on and the family was split up.

In accepting the guilty plea, the judge Sébastien Proulx of the Court of Quebec did not fail to point out the aggravating circumstance of the adoption process. “While he was under study for the adoption of the child, the berne people of the DYP in gestures very intrusive,” notes the judge. It is unacceptable and intolerable.”

The Crown prosecutor Me Valérie Lahaie, and counsel for the defence Me Hugo Blanchette, represented Tuesday by his colleague, Me Félix-Antoine Turmel-Doyon, have suggested the imposition of a sentence of 40 months. The suggestion was endorsed by the court.

Once subtracted the remand, the individual, without previous court, will be behind bars for a period of approximately 23 months.

It will then be on probation for three years and will have to observe a series of conditions to prevent it from being in contact with minors to submit to a therapy for disorders sexological.

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