Adult Conversation : The real Greek tragedy *** 1/2

Conversation entre adultes : La vraie tragédie grecque *** 1/2

Conversation entre adultes : La vraie tragédie grecque *** 1/2

Yánis Varoufákis (fascinating Christos Loulis) in discussion with prime minister Alexis Tsipras (Alexandros Bourdoumis).


May 22, 2020 4: 00


Adult Conversation : The real Greek tragedy *** 1/2

Conversation entre adultes : La vraie tragédie grecque *** 1/2

Conversation entre adultes : La vraie tragédie grecque *** 1/2

Eric Moreault

The Sun

CRITICAL / Costa-Gavras has reached an age — 87 years — where a lot of filmmakers have put away their camera, or to sink into the repetition, and caricature. Not him. After a Capital (2012) half successful, it returns in force with adult Conversation, docudrama committed conducted drum beating that deconstructs the workings of the real tragedy which is bogged down in Greece due to public debt.

The film begins in 2015, when the left gets power in a country in tatters. The crisis has been going on for already seven years and Greece is at the edge of the abyss. Alexis Tsipras (Alexandros Bourdoumis), the new prime minister, entrusted the finance to the anti-conformist Yánis Varoufákis (fascinating Christos Loulis) — leather jacket, coloured shirts, shaved hair, the antithesis of the politician type.

Varoufákis, worn by the mandate of the people, must renegotiate the terms of the aid his country in debt. David faces the Goliath that form the troika (the european Commission, the international monetary Fund and the european central Bank). Its representatives are the diehards, in particular the German Finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble (Ulrich Tukuer).

But they did not expect to find on their way a man also determined that Varoufákis, decided to restructure the debt to put an end to the austerity which stifles the poor and the middle class.

For his film, Costa-Gavras was inspired by the book of Varoufákis, Conversations between adults. Behind-the-scenes secret of Europe (2017), and, above all, recordings made by the latter. The discussions are surreal, manoeuvring, rough and unfettered financial capitalism, leads the dance (the troika wants above all to save the banks and the euro; the distress of the Greeks their pass 1000 metres above the head).

The technocrats and politicians say things in private and another in public. What was the inspiration for Christine Lagarde, the DG of the IMF, this tirade is appropriate : “we need adults in this room”…

Conversation entre adultes : La vraie tragédie grecque *** 1/2

The nonconformist Yánis Varoufákis (fascinating Christos Loulis) in front of the european Commission.

Photo by KG Productions

Costa-Gavras had to avoid a particular trap : it is public knowledge that Yánis Varoufákis resigned under pressure from the troika after its PM had dropped. The film begins on this start and returns back to five months after the election.

The director manages to present us this behind-the-scenes as a thriller, carried by the game rebellious of Christos Loulis. But the subject remains very complex. And in his effort of outreach, Conversation between adults does not avoid repetition and lengths.

Furthermore, we see little of the real effects of this crisis on the people, the endemic poverty, the pensions rise, the wages famished… But a dolly, at the beginning, which shows all the shops closed, while Varoufakis crosses the artery in a taxi, has an impact force sufficient for that the spectator can imagine the situation of the people.

Because, precisely, the developer of Z and The confession shows that he handles as well as the camera, and diversifying the framing and movements. It avoids a form of redundancy.

We salute the political courage of Costa-Gavras. The film-maker franco-Greek continues to hold high the torch of the fundamental values of human rights.

You can watch a Conversation between adults on the platform of the cinema of the Park from the 22 may ; on other sites, video-on-demand beginning June 2.

The generic

Rating : *** 1/2

Title : Conversation between adults

Genre : Docudrama

Director : Costa-Gavras

Actors : Christos Loulis, Alexandros Bourdoumis, Ulrich Tukuer

Duration : 2h04

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