Africans legally prohibited to lighten your skin

Африканцам законодательно запретили осветлять кожу

Африканцам законодательно запретили осветлять кожу

President of the East African country of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, declared the fight against lightening remedies for skin and called on the police and the Ministry of health “get out”.

These creams are harmful to health because they contain mercury and hydroquinone. These substances harm the liver, impair immunity to infections, and also cause anxiety, depression and psychosis, writes CNN.

The police began to patrol the markets in the capital Kigali and in the border provinces.

Recall that Rwanda in 2017 ahead of Ukraine in the rating of best countries for business from Forbes.

Earlier, the State service of Ukraine on drugs and drug control has banned the famous cream and told me the reason. In addition, Ukraine has banned the popular British cure for colds and flu.