After Charmed, Roswell and Buffy, the reboot of the 4400 is in preparation !

It is the year of all making reboots a thing ! After Charmed, Roswell, or Buffy the Vampire slayer, the 4400 will have the right to a new version.

The large mode is the making reboots a thing. Since early this year, the CW goes to the ads. After Charmed, and Roswell, a remake of Buffy the vampire slayer and Alias is in preparation. However, this does not seem to be enough and the network american has decided to bring to life another cult series of the Trilogy of Saturday and attention, it is of the 4400 ! The series, which starred Joel Gretsch, Jacqueline McKenzie and Mahershala Ali has been broadcast for four seasons on USA Network from 2004 to 2007. This new version of the 4400 will be co-written by Craig Sweeny (Elementary), and Taylor Elmore (Justified), and the scenario has already been unveiled. Will it be commissioned ?

Après Charmed, Roswell et Buffy, le reboot des 4400 est en préparation !

Who will take over their roles ?

The 4400 could soon be back ! According to Deadline, the CW is looking to reboot this other franchise popular and they have already found the synopsis. In the course of recent history, 4400 young adults of childbearing age have disappeared in the world. Some of the disappearances have taken place there a few week while others date back to the sad day when the Soviets launched the satellite Sputnik. 1957. A day in 2019, the 4400 people show up on the sites of their abductions of origin. None of them has aged, none of them has any recollection of their place of residence. The so-called “4400” must address their back in a transformed world, and hostile… but also to the reality that they are income in a way that none of them understands yet. This reboot of the 4400 will he seduce the fans ? Pending further information, check out the spoilers of the week !