After Emily Fiorelli (Secret Story) and his burglary, a former candidate of Marseille victim of a drama

A former candidate of Marseille has been the victim of a terrible tragedy and it gives you all the details of this story in this article…

Last weekend, Emily Fiorelli has been broken into and it has pushed a big rant on the canvas ! And today, it is the turn of Manon Van to express his anger on Snapchat, since the beauty of the latter is gone in smoke… On the social network to the yellow logo, she explains : “It is a day that is quite special. My beauty salon was burned down that night. For the moment, MV Beauty Face no longer exists. It is very hard for me because I put all of my heart. And there, it’s as if I’ve had to pluck it. So here, the true salon no longer exists for the moment. I don’t know what more to say”.

Après Emilie Fiorelli (Secret Story) et son cambriolage, une ancienne candidate des Marseillais victime d'un drame

The pretty brunette continued, and explained that she was not referred to by that fire : “The worst part of it in the end, it is that I am a good person. I have my little living room… It is not me that you wanted to touch it was other people. And in fact my living room has been touched. It means that I can no longer work in the living room. It is a horror. I am super sad and at the same time, I’m super excited.” We hope to Manon Van that things will quickly arrange for it.. In the rest of the news, be aware that Jelena Angels 11 is ready to become a mom and she has sent a message to Connor.