After the phone, the… toilet smart ?

Après le téléphone, la... toilette intelligente ?

12 April 2020 4: 00


After the phone, the… toilet smart ?

Agence Science-Presse


After the watch and the phone, assign you to the appeal of the toilet “smart”? This future toilet stand-alone, reports a recent study published in Nature, provide for a monitoring of personalized health, by the analysis of urine and feces and the collection of other data directly into the bowl with the help of sensors and pressure sensors and movement.

This toilet will analyze the urine by a colorimetric test, calculates the flow and volume of the stream using computer vision, an improved version of the urodébitmétrie used to assess urinary incontinence. It class also the stool according to the scale of the form of Bristol — 7 types of dung, of which the first two indicate constipation, and the three last, diarrhea. The designers claim that the system exhibits performance comparable to those of the medical personnel trained.

Identified using fingerprints or the uniqueness of its “anoderm” — the top layer of skin of the anus — each user will issue to each visit, the data stored in an internet server encrypted. The analysis of such information would allow the screening for and diagnosis of specific diseases (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, prostate problem, etc) and the monitoring of patients by health professionals… a good distance away the smells !

The toilet bowl could become — in the near future — a must of the list of smart objects that are connected for uses as diverse as the early detection of pregnancy or bacterial infections. The level of PSA (prostate specific antigen), replacing the embarrassing annual test or offering the right treatment for your “cooked” the day before… in analyzing your vomiting !

At a time when people seek an environmentally friendly alternative to the use of toilet paper, these smart devices penetrate by force into the houses, for example combining bidet, hair dryer and bowl. The result of multiple innovations in the japanese in the matter, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation launched the exhibition of the toilet reinvented in order to advance the science of health, particularly for developing countries.

The world Day of the toilet, on the 19th of November, was reminded that half of humanity does not have access to such sanitary facilities -4,2 billion people more accurately, but also the 3 billion who do not even have hand-washing facilities. Using toilets rudimentary, thousands of people fall sick – 432 000 people succumbing each year to diarrhea.

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