Agathe Auproux in a mini-skirt on Instagram, she pushed the temperature (in the PHOTO)

When Agathe Auproux unveils her legs on Instagram, its followers validate !

While the look is very sexy Agathe Auproux was the reaction of the users after the return of the columnist in Balance your Post, the young woman has yet to rise with the temperature, but on Instagram this time. As usual, Agatha Auproux is displayed in light clothing, with a caption, very funny : “This is my cat next to it, completely and deliberately out of frame, it was difficult to take our relationship”. A message that has not failed to respond to the viewers comments, visibly impressed by the laying of the columnist on this new photo, we’ll let you discover right here.

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(that’s my cat next to it, completely and deliberately out-of-frame, it was difficult to take our relationship…)

A publication shared by Agathe Auproux (@agatheauproux) on 9 Dec. 2018 1 :11 PST

After the publication of this new photo very sexy on Instagram, Agathe Auproux has obviously received many comments from its followers : “A simple word: “Canon”, “You make me turn the head”, “You are everything that I love in a woman”, “You’re so sexy, a real sex bomb”, “sublime”, “You make us dream, you are beautiful, a dream body, forms sublime” “You’re the best”, “You’re beautiful”. You will understand, Agathe Auproux well have left Key not at my Post, it is also always followed by his fans. On his side, Cyril Hanouna has given news of her team part of Lapland, and it was quite funny.