Agathe Auproux (Key Not at My Post) very excited about Instagram, a publication about

Agathe Auproux just push a little rant on Instagram, and we can very well understand why…

Recently, Agathe Auproux is displayed without frills or artifice on Instagram and the photo has to react to it. It must be said that the journalist has a habit of doing and saying everything she wants… And that is why we love it ! Recently, this is his latest publication via his / her account Instagram official who has made the buzz. While a lot of people have loved and commented positively on the fresco mural depicting Tintin and captain Haddock in the process of kissing, others have found it shocking. Yes, yes… Look, you have shared the picture and talk about it right after.

a lot of love in 2019 please thanks

A publication shared by Agathe Auproux (@agatheauproux) on 5 Jan. 2019 at 12 :32 pm PST

Our colleagues of Non-Stop People have responded to the message of one of his followers : “Imagine an innocent child who discovers this wall so that it reads, for example, the comics of Tintin… What will be her reaction ?” Agathe Auproux responded via his story, and it is clear and direct : “You explain to your ‘innocent child’ that Tintin can love who he wants, and that everything is going well, and that it changes absolutely nothing to anything. I am stunned by all your reactions.Stop thinking that homophobia is an opinion or an opinion. This is discrimination primary, it is the hatred of the other, and it is punishable by law. And the argument of children. ‘And if my children saw it and the model of the family flouted’ blablabla. Hopeless !” During this time, we did a review on all the columnists announced in Key Not at My Post office who are ultimately never came in the show !