Agathe Auproux sexy thigh high boots and fishnet tights, she pushed the temperature on Instagram (PHOTO)

Agathe Auproux is displayed particularly sexy on Instagram posing in thigh high boots and fishnet tights.

Departure of Key Not at My Post, charity project, Balance your post… Agathe Auproux is entrusted exclusively to melty a few days ago. The young woman of 26 years old is the poster of the show Balance your post each Friday evening in the second part of the evening on C8, to the sides of Cyril Hanouna. After having shone in the TPMP, the pretty brunette was in need of change, while remaining on the chain, which has allowed him to make a name for himself. Thanks to its popularity on television, Agathe now has over 572 000 subscribers on Instagram, her place of expression favorite, where she does not hesitate to appear sexy.

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A publication shared by Agathe Auproux (@agatheauproux) 1 Oct. 2018 12 :34 PDT

Agathe Auproux, which has put a big rake to a columnist when he returned in Key Not at My Post, has posted a photo of her in a gown of plum-colored with thigh-high boots and black tights in a fishnet, which has not left the viewers insensitive : “class”, “Very beautiful and very sexy”, “An atomic bomb”, “You’re still beautiful” one can read in the comments of the photo, which has garnered over 40,000 likes. The columnist knows very well how to manage their image on social networks and has once again prove it with this post buzz, which should probably not be the last.