Air Canada relaxed its cancellation policy

Air Canada assouplit sa politique d’annulation

Photo: Graham Hughes The canadian Press
Air Canada has indicated that clients who had received a voucher of 24 months after the cancellation of the flight for which they had a non-refundable ticket will receive a new voucher with no expiry date.

Air Canada submitted Friday two new options to those whose flight was cancelled because of a pandemic after the purchase of a non-refundable ticket, without, however, offering them a refund in cash as the claim number.

In front of a growling, which shows no sign of relief among the passengers, the airline said that customers who had received a voucher of 24 months after the cancellation of their flight will receive a new voucher with no expiry date. They will be able to request as early as 15 June. Otherwise, they will be able to pay the value of the ticket to Aeroplan miles at a rate that will exceed 65% of the normal rate of purchase of these miles.

The new rules on non-refundable tickets to cover the flights that were scheduled between march 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. Air Canada has also indicated that the holders of non-refundable tickets that change voluntarily to a flight originally planned between march 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021 (for a ticket issued up to June 30, 2020) can also choose between a good and Aeroplan miles.


The announcement of Air Canada comes at a time when the petition launched by the group Option consommateurs in favor of a cash — sponsored by the Bloc québécois — continues to raise support. As of Friday, it had received more than 22 200 signatures. The petition mentions that “many consumers are now living a difficult financial situation due to a decrease in income or job loss related to the pandemic “and that” the imposition of these travel credits is contrary to the provisions of the civil Code of Quebec, the restitution of benefits in the event of force majeure “.

At march 31, 2020, Air Canada had in his hands of $ 2.6 billion related to products paid in advance for tickets, which are regarded as a liability. In the assets, the company held cash 2.59 billion, and short-term investments of $ 3.5 billion.

The carrier, which has canceled 95 % of its flights due to the pandemic, will to some cities in the next few days and said to have designed a “schedule summer digest” with a hundred destinations, compared to 220 in 2019.

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