Air pollution in India’s capital exceeded the norm by 20 times due to the holiday

							Загрязнение воздуха в столице Индии превысило норму в 20 раз из-за праздника

Indian capital new Delhi was enveloped in toxic smog, the concentration of harmful substances in the air exceeded the norm 20 times. Blame the millions of firecrackers and fireworks, set on fire during a local Hindu festival.

According to The Indian Express, the city on the occasion of the main holiday of the year tens of thousands of people launched fireworks and firecrackers. It was allowed to do for only two hours, but this is a rule few people observe, which caused huge pollution by combustion products.

In a crowded Delhi and new Delhi air pollution periodically increases to hazardous level. So, last winter, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry has recommended tourists to refrain from visiting new Delhi.