Airbus will eliminate 15,000 jobs, mainly in Europe

Airbus éliminera 15 000 emplois, surtout en Europe

Photo: Ryan Remiorz, The canadian Press
The installation of Airbus in Mirabel (in photo) will not be affected by this new wave of layoffs.

The aircraft manufacturer, the French Airbus announced Tuesday that he intends to eliminate 15,000 jobs over the next year, especially in Europe, while it must adjust to the financial impact of the pandemic COVID-19.

The installation of Airbus at Mirabel, however will not be affected by this new wave of layoffs.

“Since the air traffic is not expected to return to the levels of before the COVID before 2023, and potentially as late as 2025, Airbus must take additional measures now,” explained the company in a statement.

Airbus plans to make 5000 layoffs in France, 5100 in Germany, 1700 in the Uk, 900 in Spain and 1300 in other Airbus facility elsewhere in the world.

Airbus says it wants to begin its new layoffs in the next few months, from this fall. The company intends to give priority to voluntary departures and early retirement, but said that layoffs imposed could not be excluded.

“Airbus is facing the most serious crisis that this industry has ever known,” said the chief executive officer of the company, Guillaume Faury, in the statement. “The measures we have put in place up to now have enabled us to absorb the initial shock of this pandemic. Now, we need to ensure that we can sustain our business and emerge from the crisis as a global aerospace leader, in good health. “

The Mirabel plant will be no layoffs, additional, confirmed to The canadian Press, the spokesman of Airbus, Canada, Marcella Cortellazzi.

Airbus had announced at the beginning of may, the layoff of 350 employees in Mirabel, then that it had temporarily suspended the production of its aircraft A220 — ex-C Series-Bombardier —, when the government Legault has put the economy on pause in order to limit the spread of the new coronavirus.

The installation of Mirabel has started to resume its activities on 11 may, and the manufacturer has already recalled 120 workers laid off.

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