Alain Shoptenko may not come in the form

Алена Шоптенко не может прийти в форму

Recently gave birth to Alena, Shoptenko began to eat a lot of sweet and flour. Dancer rapidly gaining weight.

Famous Ukrainian dancer Alain Shoptenko gave birth almost six months ago. Since that star is significantly better. All because of sweets and starchy foods, which appeared in the diet of young mothers after the birth of her son. However, there’s a rational explanation, which Alan had given to his fans.

Alain Shoptenko shared with followers Intagram revelations on the topic of losing weight after childbirth. Now she has no time, nor forces. Sleepless nights at the crib my son is very exhausting. That though as-that to support your body, Shoptenko eating high-calorie sweets.

“When our lives came back teeth and the nights were long and sleepless, I knew it was time to escape sweet. I’m better off with the extra calories than attacking people from the powerlessness and lack of sleep. And why am I in the childhood dream didn’t appreciate?” — wrote Alena.

Fans are sensitive to changes in the life of a star and love her at any weight. “Patience you. We’ve been through this…but not all the teeth out”, “It’s all temporary)), And I once came to such conclusions. Really saved me) hold on!” — they addressed, Shoptenko in the comments. Some advised Allen to find a nanny to more rest: “do Not sweet. Better than night nurse”, writes