Alain Shoptenko shared a fun Christmas story

Алена Шоптенко поделилась веселой новогодней историей

Its merry Christmas history shared choreographer Alain Shoptenko.

— Perhaps the most curious New Year in my life was New year 2013. I then worked in Georgia in the project “dancing with the stars” as the main choreographer. Latest live project fell on December 31 and ended half an hour before midnight. But it would not be so memorable, if I was in his team haven’t danced in a show room at the end of this broadcast. And not just a dance room and a room with Holi colors (food dye in powder form, which stain fabric). We were dressed in white suits and went for dance this paint on each other, becoming thus at the end of the dancing is colorful. This was the case, you know, not only costumes, but also hair, face and even teeth! And as such, rushed into the apartment in which she lived, five minutes before midnight, I suddenly found that my house is not that champagne for celebration was not, and even a piece of bread was not! A very large amount of work was then and the time flew by so quickly, that December 31, happened very suddenly and to prepare for it was all busy. In the end, I spent 2013 and greeted 2014, sitting on the couch watching television, listening to the festive speech in the Georgian language, decked from head to toe in all the colors of the rainbow, with two pieces of ham he found in the fridge and a half-full bottle of Georgian wine. Fortunately, the Georgian people are very hospitable, and that night was waiting for me in five places. So new year’s eve was much more “colorful”, — said Alain, Shoptenko, reports “Today”.