Alena Degrik: lessons for the fintech industry from the results of the Ukrainian freelance market 2018

Алена Дегрик: выводы для fintech-отрасли из итогов украинского фриланс-рынка 2018 года

Алена Дегрик: выводы для fintech-отрасли из итогов украинского фриланс-рынка 2018 года

2018 showed impressive results in a growing field of Ukrainian freelance. One of the largest domestic site orders Freelancehunt freelancers fulfilled orders for 240 million UAH, which is 60 million more than in 2017. the Most popular industry: the design, text and programming. What are the implications of the success of the Ukrainian freelance can use fintech industry, we were told by the head of the financial company “Leogang Drink” Alyona Degrik Shevtsova.

As we can see from the graph, the three leading specialties are design, copywriting and development. In fact, it’s everything you need to create a basic functionality of the product, a kind of MVP, which can’t make the main team FINTECH company for a number of reasons, but the idea which should not gather dust. explains Alena Shevtsova (“Leogang Drink”). — And if to consider indicators of leadership in these sectors — this minimum viable product will function and will not cost the company a substantial expenditure. In fact, we have the perfect environment for product-generation and their implementation”, — said Alyona Degrik Shevtsova.

The main advantage of Ukrainian freelance workers — the ratio of price and quality, thanks to which they valued in the world. It should be noted that the budgets for it on the coding in our country’s approach to the world that gives a prize to our freelancers, said Alyona Degrik Shevtsova).

“However, the statistics of freelance market confirms that mobile development is strictly an in-house industry, which requires a short project employment and ongoing engagement. Therefore, freelancing may not be a universal solution: for the stable development of the basic ideas in the area of the same mobile payments without fixed teams not do” — says Alyona Degrik.