Alena Degrik: why some countries do not rush to create digital currency

Алена Дегрик: почему некоторые страны не спешат создавать цифровые валюты

Алена Дегрик: почему некоторые страны не спешат создавать цифровые валюты

Digital currency, the novelty of the decade, associated primarily with private initiatives. For example, the famous “scriptorum” in recent years, the rising value of bitcoin to more than 20,000 dollars, etc. Therefore, many developed economies have long think about the state of digital currency — because they can be useful. So the country will be able to cover the part of the population, which is accustomed to using cash, as well as to strengthen control over the circulation of non-cash assets.

But not everywhere, this idea meets the delight. Some States do not hurry with the introduction of public e-value. Why — says the head of the financial company “Leogang Drink” Alyona Degrik Shevtsova.

“The Central Bank of Israel, operose one of the most stable currencies in the world, in your report, do not recommends you to create a digital shekel. Israeli gosregulyator advises while to observe the situation with cryptocurrencies and bloccano to understand how to apply it in the best way, — says Alyona Degrik. — Their decision is justified. The exchange rate of bitcoin is unstable — a year ago he was breaking records and cost tens of thousands of dollars, and now a little more than 3500. In other words, the cryptocurrency fell four times. And to engage in such an important matter as the establishment of a national digital value, financiers need to study existing examples”, — said the head of FC “Leogang Drink” Alyona Degrik Shevtsova.

At the same time, for government use perfect the technology of the blockchain. The bottom line is a chain of data, each block of which is stored on different computers. The Blockchain is a chain can be compared to a conveyor at production — each does its tasks, and in the end there is the finished result.

“Blockchain system can be used as in the banking sector, and land registry, payments, identification. We are already seeing the success of the Ukrainian public procurement Prozorro platform, built on the principles of open source, involving multiple platforms, public and private, and everyone can see everything. I’m sure that the same result awaits bacchanalia services”, — says Alyona Degrik Shevtsova

And what about a fully cashless economy — many countries, even the most advanced, are not yet ready. In Ukraine, we are gradually getting used to cashless, says Alena Degrik, we have it much where is used — in particular, in trade and in transport. And all because of the fact that modern payment technologies came to us quite late.

“In the West, the unfolding cashless economy rests on the process of modernization of infrastructure and the preferences of people who are accustomed to “cash”. In addition, the cashless system to be fully legally settled, to know how to judge cashless crime. Not to mention the fact that it is extremely necessary technical and legal framework for the protection of the rights of consumers”, — said Alyona Degrik Shevtsova (FC “Leogang Drink”).