Alexandra Bastien, polymorphic artist

Alexandra Bastien, artiste polymorphe

Photo: Alexandra Bastien
The prime minister François Legault is part of the personalities which the artist of “bodypainting” Alexandra Bastien has taken the look at its transformations in front of the camera.

For the past few weeks, videos posted online by Alexandra Bastien, who offer imitations of François Legault and Horacio Arruda, but also of René Lévesque, Donald Trump, Edith Piaf or Daddy and Mother of The little life, have become viral. To such a point that the artist is associated with a group of Quebec to produce more.

Until recently, Alexandra Bastien has practiced the teaching of the arts with seniors in a ltc facility, and the bodypainting festivals across the world. Needless to say, she has lost all of its revenue from a single blow.

“When the announcement of the pandemic’s arrival, I found myself without a job for a full year. I was in shock for three days, ” she says.

Confined alone with his dog in his house of The Assumption, when the pandemic struck, she was looking for a way to engage, it has already supported many causes. She decides to try to paint herself, she has always painted for clients or mannequins.

Armed with sticks of makeup, she first chooses to turn into François Legault. “I said to myself : “I’m going to do a small capsule to thank him for holding down the fort.” “The next day, the video had become viral.

Alone in the house, it must, for the first time, the makeup of his own body. She studies the gestures and facial expressions of the prime minister.

Alexandra Bastien, artiste polymorphe

Photo: Alexandra Bastien
The inspirations of Alexandra Bastien are derived from various worlds, of Moman in “The little life” to Iron Man.

“It is true that I paint on models, but to paint on me, it is a different case, with a mirror, which reflects upside down. I didn’t know that I could transform myself into anything, I didn’t know that I could play well, imitate, sing the same “, said she.

Passionate, she starts to work 15 to 20 hours per day and connects the capsules. It turns into René Lévesque, who whispers “it’s going to go well” after having launched the ” I’ve never been so proud to be Québécois “. At the end of her phone, she becomes Edith Piaf, Celine Dion, or Guy A. Lepage. “It has been good to many people,” she noted.

With sets and costumes she makes completely alone, and by hand it turns an episode of The little life at the time of the COVID-19, playing successively Daddy and Mother.

“I had no costume, nothing. I have everything made with the means at hand, with what I had at home, ” she says.

Growth is ” exponential “

The similarities are striking. But until then, the capsules are nearly silent, and Alexandra Bastien is happy to mimic his characters.

And then, at the grocery store, neighbors ask him to turn of capsules of the character of Criquette Rockwell, personified by Anne Dorval, in fire the comedy series, The heart has its reasons.

With a camera in the studio Osmoz installed in his basement, Alexandra Bastien continues to run her one-woman show, whose images are now being processed by Osmoz. His characters, from the past, are responding to the crisis, with bleach and plans déconfinement.

“It has grown exponentially,” she said. I am trying to turn it into a livelihood. I want to keep my house. Survive. “

I have everything made with the means at hand, with what I had at home

— Alexandra Bastien


Several companies have already approached to sign contracts. And she would like to establish partnerships.

“We don’t have the choice, it is necessary to make the turn, find virtual platforms ,” she said. I had not planned it. It is a kind of revelation. “

Strong of thousands of identities potential, it combines the projects, dream of a tribute to Frida Kahlo or Patrick Bourgeoys, B. B., alias the Beautiful Blond.

“I have so many ideas of sketches that it wakes me up at night,” she said. She waits for the day when she will be able to meet in person our partners to Osmoz. As for clients of the NURSING homes where she worked, several have already been swept away by the disease. “It’s still difficult. I have not been able to say goodbye. “She has lost contact with many others, among the least autonomous. But it happens to him even in conversation, under his true identity, with some members of his old client, FaceTime, to their hospital room.

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