Alexandria – Dynamo – 1:3 Chronicle of the match

Александрия - Динамо - 1:3 Хроника матча

Saturday, March 7, in the match 22-th round of the championship of Ukraine, “Alexandria” played with Kiev “Dynamo”. The meeting was held in Alexandria on KSK Nika.

“Apostrophe” conducted an online broadcast of the match Oleksandriya – Dynamo.

The meeting will begin at 17:00.



Alexandria: Pankiv – Fedorchuk, Dubra, Booze, Starikov – Grechishkin, Gordienko, Dovgy – Of Zadiraka, Sitalo, Tretyakov

Bilyk, Pashayev Was Boboglo, Zaporozhan, Gritsuk, Protasov, Ustimenko

Dynamo: Busan – KENDZERA, Popov, Shabanov, Mikolenko – Sydorchuk, Shepelev – Karavaev, Buialskyi, Verbic – Rusin

Boyko, Of Pivaric, Andrievsky, Kadiri, Duelund, Tsitaishvili, Salt

The final whistle!

89. Play a team match, nothing interesting happens.

86. GOOOOOOOOOOL! Shepelev hit the post and Mikolenko the first was on the rebound!

85. Pivaric replaced Rusina at Dynamo.

79. Karavaev received a yellow for a rough foul.

74. Pashayev Pankiv and nearly brought an own goal, but Dinamo has forgiven the home team.

72. Pashayev replaced Luchkevych

68. Kadiri replaced Sidorchuk

64. Direct replacement of the owners. Protasov left is Zaderako.

63. GOOOOOOOOOL! 1:2! Grechishkin penalty!

62. PENALTY against Dynamo!

60. GOOOOOOOOOOL! 0:2! Sydorchuk passed the ball to Shepeleva, the shot to the center, where Buyalsky framed leg.

53. ZADIRAKA! What a moment. From a lethal position has punched forward, but Bowen reacted!

51. Serock got the yellow. Very rough playing team further.

50. During the break, it turns out there was a replacement. Gritsuk replaced Gordienko.

48. RED! Dovgy received a second yellow and left the team in the minority!

46. The game is on!


45+1. Pankiv ran something to argue with the referee, for which he received a yellow.

45. GOOOOOOOOOOAL! Shabanov! After the corner of Mikolenko sweep into the penalty area and the defender of the Dynamo in time framed leg!

42. Now Starikov drilled a dangerous cross, but no one responded to the transfer.

40. Dangerous! Rusin well, hit the ball hard, but he flew over the top corner of the goal.

35. Now the yellow in Dovgy. Trip an opponent has made the midfielder Alexandria.

32. Yellow Card Starikovu. He didn’t manage to beat the opponent played rough.

28. A lovely cross from Verbicha was unaddressed. Defenders cleared the ball.

24. Fedorchuk decided on a long shot from the penalty line. Inaccurately, although it was possible to get.

21. And here is the first dangerous shot of the Dynamo. Verbic shot from outside the penalty area, but Pankiv beautiful save to save the goal.

18. That’s the first yellow. Zadiraka got booked for a foul in midfield.

15. Now Shabanov on the lawn. To assist him. Very rough play of Alexandria.

12. Several corners have already submitted Kiev, but nothing dangerous ever came of it.

9. While Dynamo looks brighter, but to the dangerous moments is not reached. Just total control of the ball.

7. Again Bowen the center of attention. Made a mistake when playing the output of the goalkeeper and Alexandria almost took advantage of a mistake, but so far have done.

3. On the lawn Busan. Got injured Dynamo goalkeeper, but managed to continue the meeting.

1. The game in Alexandria has begun!

The favorite of the series according to bookmakers are guests. The Dynamo win bet with odds of 1.65. A draw is estimated quote of 4.20. Winning the “Alexandria” can be supplied with a ratio of 4.88.

After 21 rounds of “Dynamo” took 3rd place in the tournament table of Ukrainian Premier League with 42 points. “Alexandria” is located on the 5th position with 37 points.

In the first round of “Dynamo” house beat “Alexandria” with the score 1:0. The only goal in the match was scored by Vitaly Nikolenko.


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