Alina Grosu shared impression of the new film

Алина Гросу поделилась впечатлением от нового фильма

Famous singer Katy Perry continues to amaze subscribers on his page in social network Instagram.

“In the movie went😊 popcorn ate 🍿🍿🍿 I love caramel with chocolate🙈🙈🙈 (on Sunday you can 😋😋😋) looked “Fantastic beasts”, I love it😍😍😍 favorite said that he expected more.. how about you??? (Spoiler) in General, do you believe that the CCR’s Dumbledore’s brother?”, – wrote star under a new snapshot.

Users have begun to actively comment on the new post .. as soon as I saw the update in the feed. So, many fans began to comment on the words of the star about the film and also expressed his opinion about what he saw. Do not forget fans and praise singer for her appearance.

“You are beautiful”, “Here and knew that this film😅”, “Alina, and there is a shop maybe that’s your clothes? know foreign stars are doing these shops for the fans or when the clothes you are tired…”, “the Beauty 👍”, “You are so beautiful! ♥ This”, “it’s a pleasure to watch because of the level of special effects, but the romanticism of England already🙄 Kumar”, “I was also delighted those who love Harry Potter appreciated☺ it’s amazing especially the special effects and the CCR is not actually Dumbledore’s brother, is a fraud of Grindelwald😈 and bird (Phoenix) flew in Harry Potter she got from Albus Grindelwald),” ” And you go to the cinema to watch a movie? usually there is not film. maybe your favorite and expected more in the other plane😊”, “the snow Princess 😘”, “I also really liked👍 Magical, beautiful film 🎞 🎥 🍿”, “Pretty woman,” wrote netizens with a new photo of the star, writes