Alix in the casting house, Asian Tower, it swings on the reception of applicants

Alix comes to revelations amazing on its arrival in Marseille, the Asian Tour and we will tell you more just in this article.

After Nikola Lozina (which has been taclée by Jessica) and Anthony Matéo, it is the turn of Alex to reach Marseille in their adventure, and obviously, its integration has not been easy… when Asked by the site Tele-Loisirs, Alix says : “It does not fit in The Marseilles, you have to learn to accept. It is very complicated because even if they are friendly, it’s still a family, people who know each other for years and who are regularly involved with. It is difficult because they have a strong group cohesion, and they are very sectarian. When one is invited to come, they still do the effort to accommodate you but we feel that the fact does not come directly from Marseille, is a problem. They forget that it is their issue, they are the stars of this program, but that this entertainment is in the first in a string of television”

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During this interview, Alix has also talked about the atmosphere on the set, revealing : “We take a lot of head in the reality tv, but in Marseille it is worse. Between the problems, etc., this is very complicated because it is all of the mini-Julien Tanti. But in the end, we realize that sometimes we can be mistaken about people, and make beautiful meetings. The family of Marseille is not so closed that it. They are sectarian, but they have a big heart and they know how to open it from time to time”. Also, please be aware that Alix has also shown to be complexed by a part of his body, and it says it all !