Alix (LMAT) complexed by a part of his physique, she confides

Alix has made the things very intimate about his physical and we offer you to discover just below.

While Julien Bert has recently revealed have changed physically on the shooting house, Asian Tower, it is the turn of Alex to talk about his physical. Interviewed by our colleagues of the site purepeople, the young woman said that he had some complex : “It’s been six months that I have almost not been exercising and I eat very badly (…) therefore I gained weight. I was the same weight some time ago, but I was athletic. Here, what bothers me is that I’ve taken in the lower face and cheeks. I feel I have a glottis of turkey at this time. This is something that annoys me.”

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Alix continues : “On some pictures, I am obliged to tender the neck for not having a double chin. Yes this is may-be not ugly, yes it does shock may not be to some people, but for me, when I look in the mirror, I don’t like as it was before. And I think it is important to be really in tune with himself”. But the young woman doesn’t let and it has the intention to take up the sport to “make it the same weight as now, 58 pounds, but instead of the fat it’s muscle”. Also, please be aware that Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj have taken a great decision.